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Veterans Wanted: Hiring Heroes to Help Build America

A History of Service

The history of the armed forces is the history of citizens standing for the defense of their families, homes, and ideals. It is a history of sacrifice, selflessness, and courage. It is a history worthy of veneration, and also a history from which our society is obliged to learn.

For members of the military, the sacrifice of service does not merely end when a serviceman or woman is no longer in uniform. These men and women–numbering over 20 million in the United States alone–who have set aside their active military careers for opportunities in the civilian workforce are still owed an enormous debt of gratitude. 

As a country, we in the United States have been striving to offer that gratitude for centuries. The very first soldiers in our country’s founding struggle were awarded pensions after service. In the aftermath of the Civil War, individual states began opening homes for veterans and providing lifelong medical care. 

When the twin world wars reshaped the world in the first half of the 20th Century, the American veteran population was reshaped as well. The Department of Veterans Affairs was created–and still exists–to serve military men and women as and after they exit service. One of their key efforts, the Transition Assistance Program, helps veterans from every service branch find rewarding lives at home.

The history, then–and the story–of our veterans is one of mutual service and protection. Unfortunately, on the part of our larger society, it is not a perfect story. 

In 2018, there were more than 326,000 unemployed veterans in the United States. To put it simply, there is more the private sector can do to help our servicemen and women find those rewarding lives.

A Promise of Service

The Transition Assistance Program is invaluable. It helps veterans ease their way back into civilian life through seminars, as well as offering numerous job fairs in differing industries.

FSG is a proud employer of United States armed forces veterans. Former military members work–and are asked to work–in every corner of our business. From electrical apprentices, journeymen, and master electricians to sales reps, project managers, and management, FSG values the experience and leadership skills that veterans bring to any job.

One of FSG’s central efforts to employ military veterans is through partnerships with  Greenlee Labs, (GreenApple Labs) and Hard Hat Heroes. FSG and Greenlee have partnered to build an apprenticeship program that enables job seekers interested in becoming electricians to learn the job, use their new skills, and make a solid income.

The partnership with Hard Hat Heroes allows veterans to receive credentials from military training that go toward education credits. 

An apprenticeship through FSG is a great opportunity for transitioning veterans. Is Participants can earn a living wage while they train, but they receive a set of skills that will carry them to even greater heights. Experienced electricians in the United States earn a very good living. 

Opportunities for electricians are everywhere, and the average electrician earns $54,000 per year. There is also great potential for much higher earnings as electricians gain experience at the position.

Any organization that makes a special effort to hire, train, and sustain our veterans is doing the job of offering the gratitude those veterans so richly deserve. At FSG, we’ve seen how much it means to offer these opportunities, and not only for the veterans and their families.

Beyond electrical and construction, there are many organizations that help veterans transition to other civilian careers. When it comes to job placement, Hire Heroes USA is a great company that is focused on helping veterans transition to a career.

Our communities–and our nation–are stronger places with a thriving, productive veteran workforce.

A Gift of Service

The history of military service is the history of ordinary citizens standing up to do extraordinary things. It is also the history of these soldiers’ fellow citizens standing up for them once their period of service has ended. 

As men and women move through the military life cycle and transition out of active duty, the sacrifice of service does not end. Instead, it shifts. 

What was once the burden of the soldier, sailor, airwoman, or marine, now becomes the burden–and the privilege–of the larger country. For those who have received such a gift as the military service of millions of men and women, it is only right that we give back in turn. 

If you are a veteran of America’s armed forces, we urge you to take a look at our Veteran’s Training Program. FSG is always hiring determined military men and women, and we would like nothing more than to talk to you today. Please call us at (866) 865-7553 or email our guide center here to learn more.

Thank you for your sacrifice. Now, let us begin to repay our debt.

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