What Can FSG Do for My CEA Operation?

Christopher Hinshaw the Director of FSG Horticulture explains.

One big difference between FSG and other companies that offer LED horticulture
lighting technology is that FSG does more than simply sell you the lights.

CEA customers can turn to FSG for a full range of services in support of indoor growing operations. FSG helps CEA customers find the specific lighting requirements that are right for their particular crops and environmental conditions.

Using AGi32, the lighting industry's premier calculation and modeling tool, FSG can provide precise plans for tuning horticulture lighting, and deliver peak yields for its fruits, vegetables, floriculture, hemp, cannabis, and all other CEA crops.

When it comes time to order the specific tunable LED lighting technology and controls your operation requires, FSG stands ready to deliver products from leading manufacturers, including RapidGrow LED, Pangea, Fluence, Verjure, MaxLite, TCP, and Montel Racking Systems.

More importantly, FSG's national lighting distribution business allows you to place your lighting order with confidence and knowledge that our buying power and regional warehouse capacity mean you won't have to worry about extended shipping time and supply chain shortages.

FSG is on a bold mission to lead the CEA industry by providing turnkey lighting and electrical solutions, along with technologies that identify the specific needs of the grower, making the process easier through streamlined implementation, all while maximizing the growth and yield of the crops.

From project lighting design, product specification, turnkey installation, project management, rebates, financing, service, and ongoing maintenance, FSG Horticulture offers a full solution for the CEA customers' facility lighting and electrical needs.

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