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How LED Brings The Sparkle For One Automotive Dealership

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.

When most people talk about LED lighting, they are talking about efficiency. LED lamps conserve a lot more energy and last longer than their halide or halogen cousins, but that’s not all that they are good for. There are a variety of businesses who are looking to switch their existing light fixtures to LED because of the nearly unlimited possibilities the new technology provides.

For many businesses, lighting is a key component of their retail and/or security strategies. Take automotive dealers, for example. Car dealerships rely on proper lighting solutions to showcase their inventory in the most desirable light and provide maximum visibility after-hours. Old exterior pole lighting technology often dims considerably with time and can hinder the customer experience. When Howdy Honda in Austin, Texas, was looking for a solution to replace their halide lights, they knew they needed a long-term solution that wouldn’t sacrifice aesthetics.

Just two years after opening a brand-new facility in 2007, Howdy Honda was focused on finding a solution to replace their halide lamps and fixtures, but they wanted a green lighting solution with high light output. When it comes to selling cars, the presentation is everything. Proper lighting is a key component of ensuring the correct and inviting display of inventory for prospective customers.

After they initially surveyed the lighting market and were unhappy with the available options, Howdy Honda partnered with FSG team member Michael O’Shea. Michael committed himself to become their dedicated lighting specialist and did a deep dive into the market to find products that would provide Howdy with all the glitz and glam necessary.
This included finding lighting solutions for their 80,000 SF showroom and service bay area, as well as the entire 17-acre lot. Over the course of the next few years, Michael worked with the Howdy team to help purchase and install Cooper LED Gallon fixtures and 412 watt LED fixtures to replace their 1000w halide fixtures. O’Shea noted, “the new LED lamps have a CRI over 70 resulting in sharper colors while the Galleon fixtures have a life-rating of 60k hours and a 5-year warranty.”

This new lighting completely replaced the previous mercury vapor variety and helped cut energy costs dramatically. The new LED fixtures actually out-performed the budgeted savings!
FSG is committed to finding the right solutions for each business. Whether it’s a car dealership, hospital, mall, or other large facilities, the FSG team has experience buying and implementing lighting solutions that perform at a world-class level and save money.

If you are interested in learning more about how FSG can add some sparkle and shine to your facility, visit us here!

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