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How Much Do LED Lights Save Per Year?

How Much Does LED Lighting Save in Energy Bills?

Energy Star qualified LEDs use about only 25% of the energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional, replaceable incandescent bulbs. LEDs use 30% of the energy and last around 8-25 times longer than halogen lights.

How Much Do Commercial LED Lights Save per Year?

An average home can save around $600 per year by switching to LED bulbs. In terms of energy costs, a business will see its biggest savings by switching to commercial LEDs from traditional illumination options. Most businesses know that the energy cost of lighting is one of the biggest expenses of having a commercial space. The Department of Consumer and REgulatory Affairs estimates that the average cost of lighting a 10,000 square foot commercial space costs between $4,500-$8,500 per year, while commercial LED lighting can offer savings of as much as 80 percent.

Whatever lighting you have currently installed in your facility, LEDs will offer you a huge amount of savings in terms of energy cost, as well as a more energy-efficient option for commercial lighting. LED lights consume about 65% less energy than even other “energy-efficient” traditional lights on top of the cost savings.

The challenge is that very few vendors deliver turnkey lighting retrofit projects without hidden markups on product, labor, and logistics. This leaves you confused as you struggle to find the return on investment your retrofit project promised.

There is a better way. FSG has designed a process for you that not only gives you visibility into your lighting project but is designed around your particular needs and facility so that a project designed to improve your facility’s infrastructure, actually makes your facility better.

What does it look like to work with FSG?


Your project starts with your needs in mind. FSG experts will perform lighting and energy audits of your business and facilities to discover where and how you can create the most value. If you have a design specification ready to go, we will simply apply it to the audits. Otherwise, our teams will take the audit results and create a complete lighting design specification package. You will see the entire project, and have a complete roadmap for how the lighting solution is going to work best for you.

In addition to the design of the lighting network itself, FSG will design a lighting installation plan that takes into account the unique aspects of your schedule and facility so that the process requires as little disruption to your day-to-day productivity as possible.  


With design in hand and your approval on board, FSG will get to work. Your dedicated project manager will arrange material delivery and scheduling coordination. With the lighting product on the way, our crews work according to the schedule that makes the most sense for you. After hours, nights, weekends? Whatever it takes to get the job done well, and with the least hassle and disruption to your business.


As your project is being completed, the next phase has already begun. We don’t start evaluating after the lighting project is completed but, as scheduled work is performed, our evaluation teams are double- and triple-checking your project to make sure everything is going according to plan. To avoid future disruptions, when issues arise, they can be handled early during the installation phase. In addition, all of the information from these checks passes through our project management teams so that there are another set of eyes evaluating your lighting project.

When the installation is wrapped up, the evaluation team ensures foot-candle readings and the overall appearance of the project meet your lighting design goals. We don’t consider evaluation done until you are completely satisfied.


Just because the trucks have rolled away doesn’t mean FSG isn’t still behind your project. Our service and support teams will activate lighting warranties and initiate agreed-upon service contracts. You have the confidence of knowing that our experts are only a phone call away, ready to help resolve issues and address concerns. Maintaining your new lighting may be the most important part of the entire process, and that goes beyond pieces and parts. FSG is your expert lighting partner whenever you need us.


FSG won’t leave you mystified, our process is powerful, and our solutions scale across your business easily. And for us, it all comes down to that second item: a repeatable and powerful process. With that in hand, you know what to expect, and we can deliver value to your bottom line.

FSG’s Four Point process is your roadmap to better lighting and a better business.

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