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Cutting Costs: How to Update Your HVAC Unit to be More Efficient

We all love air conditioners because they enable us to work in a comfortable environment. The HVAC units provide a heating or cooling effect in the workplace. However, no one enjoys paying huge electricity bills, especially businesses who have old systems in their buildings. If you want to cut costs and enhance the efficiency of your unit, checking it regularly and ensuring it is well-maintained is essential. It might even require repairs by an experienced professional.

If you do update your system, it will serve you for many years without breaking down, which cuts down on yearly expenses. Additionally, for optimal performance, the expert should install it correctly at your office and within your budget. Below are some cost-effective tips for updating the HVAC unit for your optimal comfort.

Purchase a Programmable Thermostat

You should buy an advanced programmable thermostat for your unit. If you used correctly, you wouldn’t have to keep changing its settings. The system adjusts itself based on temperature changes and your schedule. A programmable thermostat keeps your room warm or cold when needed, which helps you save money on your utility bills.

Change the Air Filters of Your System Regularly

If the air filters of your HVAC unit are dirty and clogged, its efficiency can struggle. Dirty air filters block the airflow in and out of the system. This is why it is crucial to maintaining the system, even if that means bringing in a professional. Be sure to check your air filters every month for dust and debris. If the filters are changed regularly, the airflow in the office will benefit all your employees. Additionally, the system will work properly throughout the year, saving you a lot of money.

Keep Your System Clean

Another significant element to look at is the coils, as they need to remain clean. Debris and dirt can get caught in the coils, which has a negative impact on the system. Check the coils on a regular basis, and remove leaves, dust, and any other particles trapped in the unit. It is also essential to keep dust particles and trees away from the system. If the coils and fan get blocked, the system consumes more energy.

In conclusion, check the registers and ducts of the HVAC system. Cleaning them ensures that there is no obstruction to air flow. Remember that FSG Energy is an excellent source to help change your filters, replace your thermostats with advanced ones and perform scheduled maintenance. FSG Energy is one place, if not the only place, to turn when thinking of updating or upgrading your HVAC system.

However, if you want to cut the electricity bills and maximize the efficiency of your unit, you need to get an expert to update your system. The professional should also clean the coils thoroughly and advise you whether to change your system or not. Let the professionals at FSG Energy help you with your equipment and keep your business as comfortable as you want.


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