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As a Synergy partner, FSG’s focus is to facilitate a collaborative value creating process for the biggest facility challenges.

Line of Services

Lighting, Electrical, and Energy Efficiency Solutions for JLL Properties

FSG is the preferred lighting solutions partner for JLL properties. Our goal is to help JLL tenants and property managers navigate lighting retrofits, renovations, and other energy efficiency projects. We have worked in many JLL properties and can partner with yours.

  • Interior & Exterior LED Lighting Solutions
  • Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Critical Operations
  • Energy Consumption & Cost Modeling Analysis
  • Electrical Construction
  • Large-scale, Multi-site Rollouts
  • Facility Signage
     ...and more

Learn About FSG Lighting Packages

The FSG team has turnkey lighting solutions for JLL properties. Watch this video about our lighting packages for both new and existing buildings. Learn about our process and capabilities and why FSG is your single-source solution for lighting, electrical, and signage needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions of our team.

FSG is a turnkey solution provider with the ability to take projects from inception to closeout. With offices across the nation, we can handle both local and national project rollouts.

While FSG is not a W/M/VBE. We currently work with several manufacturers and logistics companies that are W/M/VBE certified.

With direct factory relationships, FSG continues to work alongside manufacturers to identify any supply chain or logistical disruptions to ensure project timelines are met.

You can purchase products directly from FSG at FSG Storefront.

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Lighting and Electrical Projects Like Yours

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