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It’s That Time Again: Don’t Let Your Business Go Dark This Winter

Keep the Lights Bright This Winter: FSG Lighting Maintenance Options

This Sunday, November 3, daylight saving time comes to an end once again.

Many people credit Benjamin Franklin for daylight saving time thanks to a letter he wrote in 1784. In the letter, he notes that the city could save an “immense sum” of candles if they would take certain steps to implement change. He never suggested a shift in clocks, however. Instead, he proposed other solutions to the problem including cannons firing in the street to rouse people from sleep, taxes for shuttered windows, and candle sales restrictions.

It wasn’t until resources became scarce during World War I that Germany decided to go ahead with just such a plan, implementing the first daylight saving time in 1916 to maximize resource use during sunlit hours. The United States soon followed suit, with the country’s first seasonal time shift taking place in 1918.

And, once again, that means it’s time to start thinking about your lights.

Once the time has changed, do an experiment. Go outside your business or facility at closing time. If you have lighted exterior parking (or a lighted garage) take a walk through the parked cars. 

As you walk, notice your building and all its exterior lights. Pay attention to parking lot lights, lights above doors, walkway lights, accent lights, lighted signage, and anything else with a lightbulb or lamp.

How does everything look? Are your lights bright in the winter darkness?

Parking Lot Lighting header

Does your sign glow warmly to attract customers? Is your business safe and secure through the long nights?

Do your employees and customers feel like they are in a comfortable, well-lit environment?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, or if you even hesitated to answer, now is the time to make changes. And, thanks to FSG, help for your lights is just a phone call away.

Lighting Maintenance

At FSG, we don’t just install new lights. We don’t just design lighting upgrades and retrofits that save money and improve your business.

FSG maintains lighting solutions through regularly scheduled maintenance programs and fast, effective emergency repairs.

Our maintenance options are extensive and comprehensive. This time of year, as our clocks move backward and the nights get longer, we’re especially focused on making sure you have a safe, attractive business thanks to quality exterior lighting.

How do we do that?

Monthly Reports

Our regular scheduled maintenance programs are designed to get out in front of problems to prevent them from impacting your business.

To keep you informed, we provide monthly reports from all of our scheduled maintenance activities. You’ll know exactly how your lights are working thanks to:

  • Scheduled Night Drives: FSG crews will come by your business after dark to visually inspect your exterior lights. We look for burned out bulbs, broken fixtures, and any signs of impending problems.
  • Interior Walk-Throughs: In addition to making sure your exterior lights are shining bright, FSG wants to keep your interior lights looking good, too. We will schedule regular walk-throughs that look for existing problems and sniff out future dilemmas.
  • Signage Services: What good is a business that customers can’t find? FSG will make sure your sign is a constant beacon with services that fix missing or broken lights, repair minor damage, and keep the sign clean (and free of birds’ nests).

Night Drive

Long-Term Solutions

When FSG fixes something, we intend for it to stay fixed. That’s why we use technology that’s meant to last for the long haul, as well as practices designed with the future in mind.

But keeping your lights on isn’t just down to using longer-lasting bulbs and lamps. FSG’s long-term lighting maintenance solutions include:

  • Proactive LED Options: LED lights are brighter, more efficient, and easier to maintain than any other major lighting technology. FSG uses the latest in cutting-edge LEDs to keep your business looking good for years to come.
  • Practical Measures: There’s more to your lights than, well, your lights. Exterior lights especially must be mounted, often on poles, and FSG takes that into account. If we can improve a mounting or installation, we will.
  • Warranties: You simply don’t have time to manage warranties whenever something goes wrong with your lights. That’s why FSG takes care of it for you. Our experts know the ins-and-outs of manufacturer warranties throughout the industry.
  • Lighting Controls: Control systems such as timers, variable controls, schedulers, and daylight photosensors are the key to truly intelligent lighting. If your lighting solution could benefit from the use of controls, FSG is the expert partner you need on the job.

Arby's case study

Set Price Programs

What good is a maintenance program you can’t afford? No good at all.

FSG develops and uses set price programs for our regular maintenance offerings. Here’s how we keep costs under control and keep you happy with your bottom line:

  • Set Pricing: FSG builds maintenance agreements that cap costs for routine repairs, such as work on lamps and ballasts. 
  • Not-To-Exceed Pricing: Stop guessing at what repairs will cost. FSG programs include limits and guidelines for pricing.
  • Preferred Pricing: For more than 37 years, FSG has been building relationships within the industry. Customers with maintenance programs take advantage of those relationships by getting access to our preferred partner pricing.
  • Rebates & Incentives: If your maintenance and repairs require new parts or material, those parts often come with rebates and incentives. No need to worry about filling out little postcards, though, since FSG experts take care of it all for you.

Scheduled Maintenance, Smart Business

By taking advantage of scheduled maintenance programs from FSG, you’re really engaging in smart business. You will be:

  • Keeping costs low
  • Free from worrying about expensive repairs
  • Getting the best prices, always
  • Keeping your business safe, secure, and looking good

Call us today at (512) 615-6615 to find out what FSG lighting maintenance programs can do for your business.

Learn more in our Lighting Maintenance video:

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