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The FSG Houston Team is proud to serve the Houston area and the upper gulf coast region.  With experience in every type of facility and challenge, FSG Houston has a long-tenured leadership team that stands behind everything we do. FSG has been here for Houston businesses, and will continue to be available and ready to address your challenges for years to come.

Houston Leadership Team

Executive Vice President
With more than 30 years in the electrical construction industry, Gary leads a dynamic and professional team in Houston focused on bringing the best practices to every job they tackle.
Director of Operations
Vice President Sales
Service Manager
Director of Sales
With more than 40 years of experience in the electrical and lighting business, Dan leads a team of sales professionals who are truly focused on the right solutions across North Texas.
Service Manager
Tony has an extensive electrical construction resume and pours his 22 years of experience into the service teams that help keep the lights on for business in the Metroplex.

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