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Money Is Hiding Just Over Your Head

Enjoy Long-Term Value and Savings with LED Lamps

For those in the industrial sector, managing operational costs is critical. When a company is able to save on operating costs, it can invest more dollars back into production and innovation. Though this formula sounds simple enough on the surface, in practice it is rife with challenges. When surveying areas to generate savings, industrial companies should look up—literally. Lighting is a resource that presents opportunities to reduce costs. You can enjoy energy savings, less maintenance and add value to your property with LED fixtures.

Less Energy, More Savings

Choosing to use LED lamps will significantly reduce annual energy costs. Energy savings for the industrial sector, according to the Department of Energy, can be up to $260 over 15 years for each fixture. Not only will you reap energy savings, LEDs last longer and require little maintenance when compared with traditional fluorescent lights. Energy efficiency is not easy to find in industrial settings considering all the equipment and tools used, so it is important to address lighting. Furthermore, if your company tackle the project with a Lighting as a Service (LaaS) approach, you can designate it as an operating expense, not a capital one.

LEDs Create Value

If you own a large industrial property, how does your space stand out from the rest? LED fixtures could give you a competitive edge. Your warehouse looks more attractive to buyers or leasees with LEDs. With a lower operating cost, the space has higher value because of its energy efficiency. Reduce vacancy rates by selecting LEDs.

How a Leading Retailer Saved with LEDS

Facility Solutions Group (FSG) was responsible for a retrofit to LED lamps for Dillard’s, a retailer with over 300 locations. The retrofit occurred at one of their distribution facilities. For over a decade, facility managers had been working on energy reduction. When they decided to tackle lighting, they contacted us.

With LED lamps, the company has already seen the return on their investment. Their energy consumption has dropped considerably, and with LEDs, they don’t have to deal with constant replacement. Dillard’s shared that they received a rebate from their energy provider for making the switch, totaling over $50,000. Watch this video about the project to learn more.

FSG Delivers Value and Savings

As a leading provider of LED fixtures and retrofits, we’re experts on ensuring your lighting project checks all the boxes. You will experience long-term value with LEDs, simply because they are superior to your current lighting. Make your industrial warehouse more inviting and brighter with LED lamps. Learn more today about how we can transform your spaces with better lighting.

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