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Saving Money by NOT Doing It Yourself

Cooking Up Great Dining Experiences

Monique has been working on her dream of owning a cafe for years. After months of searching, she finally finds the perfect corner spot and sets about creating the menu and designing the ambiance. She knows that when it comes to dining out, most people want a singular experience, not just delicious food and beverages. Every elementā€”from the atmosphere to the service, to how the food is arranged on the plateā€”transports diners to a place free from the worries of their day. Therefore, the quality of a restaurantā€™s mood and tone can have just as big an impact on the customer experience as great tasting food. Monique starts shopping around for a sound system, fast wi-fi, and some TVs to help create the perfect corner cafe where people will want to come to have a coffee and get some work done.

Audiovisuals (A/V) are vital for setting the ambiance in any restaurant. Unfortunately, poorly integrated technology is a glaring mistake that can quickly ruin an otherwise fantastic dining experience. Wires dangling from the ceiling, bad TVs in sports bars, slow wi-fi in cafes, or a staticky playlist in any eatery can detract from the encounter so much so that patrons may feel compelled to go elsewhere.

Impediments such as these are typically a result of consumer-grade technology being implemented in professional settings; specifically, in restaurant environments where long operating hours require more reliability, customizability, and bandwidth than off-the-shelf products can provide. Monique realizes this when she goes to an electronics store and starts shopping around; while the normal consumer grade models she has in her house are a bit more affordable and seemingly easier to install, this standard equipment fails faster, necessitates more frequent replacement, and will subsequently cost her more money than a customized systems would in the long run. When she gets her equipment back to the cafe, she also realizes that installing everything entails many dangerous factors including high voltage electricity, tricky wiring, long cables, and other threats that pose potential hazards to employees and diners alike.

While todayā€™s bar and eatery owners are becoming increasingly aware of integrated and automated systems, they may not fully understand the potential of restaurant technology. Monique decides to solve all of her problems and just utilize the services and equipment of a professional A/V solution provider like FSG, which allows her to fully unlock her facilityā€™s audio and visual capabilities without having to worry about the installation. Preferred A/V providers are customer-centric, with the portfolio and skills to ascertain both the desired customer experience and the establishmentā€™s considerations and limitations, ensuring the overall ambiance provides the ultimate impact. In addition, professional grade expansive A/V systems are ruggedized to withstand extended periods of operation and come with warranties that safeguard investments long past that of consumer-grade equipment. Further, skilled installations will factor in placement, acoustics, sound coverage, and other aspects to ensure optimum viewing and listening pleasure throughout an establishment. Monique found that using a professional A/V company for her installation ensured waiter and patron safety, and ensured that her new systems operated according to specifications. They even helped her later on with tech-support and provided staff training.

Budget-conscious owners like Monique often opt to self-install consumer grade equipment, yet poor implementation and integration can result in unreliable and inefficient performance that may result in lost money and customers. Reducing the stress and headache of operation and installation, Facility Solutions Group is a premier A/V integrator that provides restaurants with professionally integrated, automated systems that are an invaluable investment in the complete customer dining experience optimized by state of the art A/V technology. Visit FSG today to find out how we can help you safely and successfully integrate technology into your establishment.

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