Savvik Disinfecting Products for the Public Safety Sector

Through our partnership with Savvik, we are able to provide access to disinfection products from many major manufacturers, all at competitive pricing for members of the Co-op.

We Help Keep You Safe

Portable UVC Disinfection Solutions for Mobile Equipment

FSG offers several mobile UV applications for the safety sector. Our portable systems leverage your spend-lower initial outlay. Our easy-to-use solutions can be applied to facilities or transport vehicles.

FSG helps the safety sector get the right disinfection solutions to reduce pathogens and clean the air in facilities large and small. UV carts can be administered at night while Ionization systems clean the air around the clock.

Our Partnership

Savvik & FSG

Facility Solutions Group (FSG) is your single-source provider of lighting and electrical products and services.

We are one of the largest lighting distributors and one of the largest electrical contractors in the United States.  Through our partnership with Savvik, we are able to provide access to products from many major manufacturers and provide turnkey services, all at competitive pricing for members of the Co-op. If you have questions or would like to place an order, please call (888) 252-9774.

SAVVIK Disinfection Webinar

FSG UV experts have conducted UV disinfection lighting webinars in many industries and applications. See the SAVVIK UV Disinfection webinar below.

Why UVC Disinfection?

UVC Disinfection Offers Several Advantages Over Chemical Disinfection & Foggers

  • Disinfection chemicals that kill viruses are costly

  • With portable UVC units there are no recurring costs after you purchase the unit

  • You can disinfect objects and devices without soaking them with chemicals that must remain wet for 10 minutes

  • No worry about missed surfaces that weren’t sprayed

  • Eliminate damp seating surfaces and fabrics

  • Can operate anywhere with the portable power pack or can plug into 120V

VIRA™ of Ambulance
VIRA™ of Ambulance
Diagram of Ambulance
Diagram of Ambulance
VIRA™ analysis

Disinfection Based On Science

Many portable devices for sale leave you to figure out how long you must run your unit to achieve a 99.9% deactivation of viruses and bacteria.

Our VIRA™ analysis helps you understand exactly how long you should run your unit to completely disinfect and protect.

For example, using the 300W portable cart in the ambulance to the left, we calculate we will need 10 minutes to deactivate 99.9% of Viruses and bacteria in the ambulance interior