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Solar Energy: Powering the Future

At FSG, you’ll find an entrepreneurial partner with a proven track record of solar success. Our innovative energy installations have helped clients nationwide build and maintain more sustainable, cost-saving energy solutions, from single sites to entire portfolios of projects. FSG’s technical and project management expertise is combined with outstanding customer service for our clients, including Fortune 500 companies, electric cooperatives, municipalities and other local power suppliers.

With the price of solar power falling by 70% over the last few years, federal tax reduction programs for renewable energy projects, high energy prices and local incentives, solar energy can increase your cash flow by substantially lowering your electricity bills.

Reduce your energy cost and increase your bottom line. As soon as your solar array is hooked up, your company will begin realizing electricity savings. It’s no secret that utility charges are only getting more expensive. As costs rise, so does the value of your solar power system. Solar can help provide a hedge for your company against the rising utility rates of the future by creating monthly offsets to your electricity bills.

Like a trusted business partner, solar systems are also extremely reliable. After installation, they provide decades of free energy with little to no maintenance required. In addition, solar systems are scalable to the size of your business, so as your company grows and your energy production needs change, your system can be upgraded to fit your needs.

Many business owners want to know one thing: how much will this cost me? Sure, installing a solar system large enough to meet your company’s electric needs means there is an upfront investment, but this cost is easily mitigated by government incentives, both state and federal, as well as tax credits and rebates.

The federal government allows you to reduce your tax burden by 60% of the solar project cost. The only way to unlock these kinds of returns it to put your tax dollars to work for you by investing in a solar power solution. Across the nation, utilities are partnering with local companies by providing them with financial incentives to install solar, which allows them to delay, if not eliminate, capital investment projects that would otherwise cost millions of dollars.

Offsetting your costs helps to rapidly accelerate the payback of your renewable energy system and enhance your overall ROI. In addition, installing a solar system is a one-time business expense that will provide free power for years to come.

Reducing your company’s carbon footprint helps to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Showing this level of corporate social responsibility reflects well upon your organization as a whole. In addition, a solar system can turn into a competitive advantage for your organization and put you at the cutting-edge of renewable energy change.

Ultimately, you have the power to choose your energy, so why not choose solar? Work with FSG today to find a solar solution that fits your needs and powers your company’s future.

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