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Supercharge Your Bottom Line with EV Charging Stations

Time to Remodel Your Business Model?

By now, many facility owners and managers have heard a lot about Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, about how important they are for our future, and about how they are rolling out across the country.  All of this is true.

What may have been lost in the discussion is how EV charging stations can positively impact your business’s bottom line.  

Advances in technology and connectivity have allowed EV charging stations to become reliable, long-term revenue generators for large commercial enterprises such as major retailers, restaurants, hotels, and special event venues.  Even smaller businesses with individual locations are cashing in on the opportunities that flow from EV charging.

The key is understanding the business of EV charging. What do you need to understand to capitalize on this upward trend in nationwide EV transportation infrastructure?

Who Wants to Pay for EV Charging?

Understanding the potential of EV charging stations begins with a look at the market.  The research, consulting, and data-science firm ESource conducted a wide-ranging survey of US and Canadian citizens to determine just how much folks would be willing to pay for electricity to power their new electric vehicles.

Consumers who imagine owning an EV in the future take a hard line on charging costs.  They focus on commute distances and average charge times, and they can’t understand paying a little bit of a premium for the same electricity they can get at home.

However, according to the numbers, this is not the thinking for consumers who actually drive EVs. They have come to understand that life cannot always be planned to the mile or the minute, and they are more than happy to pay a premium for convenience.

While electricity costs for home charging run around $0.75 per hour, EV owners report they would gladly pay more than that for the ability to charge their vehicles in the places where they actually use them.  The survey found that 22% would pay $2.00, 18% would pay $3.00, and 12% of EV charging customers would pay as much as $4.00 per hour. 

Survey results have shown that EV owners are willing to pay for the convenience of charging their vehicles outside of the home
Source: iStock

So, clearly, EV charging stations offer a service that EV owners are happy to buy.  This is great news for business owners considering installing EV charging stations.  The market is there, ready and willing to plug in and drive profits to your bottom line.

EV Charging Station Winners and Losers

Alas, not all EV charging stations are created equal, and the real secret to business success with an EV charging station is not much of a secret at all.  In the world of EV charging, as with so many other things in life, it appears that you really do get what you pay for.

The goal with EV charging stations is to install and maintain a network of chargers that deliver low operating costs (OPEX).  Businesses have a decision to make when entering the EV charging marketplace, and that choice relates to quality hardware components and connectivity technology.

There are a number of players in the EV charging infrastructure marketplace, but in recent years some manufacturers have established a reputation for quality and reliability.  Business owners and facility managers interested in investing in EV charging stations for their customers should consider ongoing OPEX expenses before writing that first check.

For commercial EV charging operations, the lowest cost hardware usually delivers high service and maintenance costs over time.  Therefore, in the near future when the dust settles and this “new wave” is a normal part of most people’s lives, winners and losers in this business will be known by their ongoing OPEX expenses.

EV charging is an opportunity for businesses to supercharge your bottom line
Source: iStock

At FSG, we make it our business to vet the industry leaders in EV charging infrastructure. We are a contracted service install partner for Tesla, and we have ongoing affiliate relationships with industry leaders like Leviton, Blink, ChargePoint, EVConnect, Efacec, ampUP, EvoCharge, and BreezeEV.

To put it simply, we support your ongoing success by only representing quality manufacturers that deliver lasting value to their customers.

FSG Delivers Turnkey Solutions for EV Charging Stations

With expertise and experience in the design, engineering, installation, maintenance, and repair of EV charging stations, FSG is a natural fit for local governments and commercial operations looking to improve their EV infrastructure.  With FSG, you can confidently take full advantage of the new federal funding in place to support the growth in electric vehicles.

Newcomers to the idea of installing an EV charging station might soon encounter some common questions, such as “How do I get power to my stations?”, or “Will my current electrical switchgear support a new EV charging station?”  Many local municipalities and businesses might be unsure of which type of EV charging station is right for their location.

FSG is here to answer every one of those questions, and more.  We can provide electrical engineering and design solutions for local governments and businesses, and when the plans are in place we can follow through with industry-leading equipment and installation services that you can trust.

Our experience in the EV infrastructure field will provide the confidence you need to make a good choice for your new EV charging station. 


Remember: in the current environment, there will be no shortage of newcomers to the market with brand new EV infrastructure equipment and a desire to ride the wave for a while.  Vetting the form, fit, and function of EV charging equipment is an FSG strength you really should consider

FSG stands ready to guide you through the conception, design, engineering, procurement, installation, and ongoing service for your EV charging station.  But what about all the details?  Who can help you understand the fine print on all of this new EV infrastructure?

Once again, FSG is the answer.  Our National Accounts team and our ESCO team are ready to guide you through the maze of grants, rebates, incentives, and state-level programs that can support your decision to get on board with EV infrastructure today.

Most importantly, know this: FSG is not here to gain your trust for a moment only.  Since 1982 we’ve known that our best customers are those that enjoy an ongoing relationship with our products and services, and who consider us the one call they need to make to get solutions to a wide variety of facility challenges.

For every business owner interested in riding the EV charging wave, the first call you make will either support a successful business venture or lead to lower, more frustrating returns over time.

If you have made the decision to expand your business to include EV charging stations, call us today at (877) 293-6689 or contact us online.  

We are doing this work right now in markets all across the United States, and we can help you make smart decisions that will deliver lasting value to you and your EV charging customers for years to come.

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