The #1 Consideration for Critical Infrastructure Facilities: Finding the Right Electrical Contractor

Sections: All across the country, there are facilities, and then there are facilities. Some facilities have been designated as critical infrastructure, and are subject to stricter building codes and regulations than other facilities.  Generally speaking, whenever a facility is involved in the business of public health and safety, our government recognizes that the stakes are…

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When “Leaving the Lights On” Gets Ridiculous

A recent NBC News report brought attention to problems with the lighting in a Massachusetts High School.  Since 2021, more than 7,000 lights have been on non-stop following a software failure within the lighting control system at Minnechaug Regional High School. The high school’s troubles even made their way into a humorous “Weekend Update” segment…

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2022 Top Electrical Contractors: FSG in Top 20 Once Again

Each year at this time, the widely respected industry magazine Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) publishes its list of the Top 50 electrical contractors at work in the United States.  To make the list is an honor for every company trying to leave its mark on the highly competitive electrical construction industry. In every other…

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Don’t Let “The Day After” Sneak Up on You

As the summer begins, so does hurricane season and an increased risk for severe storms.  For facility owners in southern, mid-Atlantic, and northeastern states, the threat posed by that once-in-a-lifetime storm is real, and it has the potential to knock your business completely offline for an extended period of time. Whenever dangerous weather approaches, the…

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Top Electrical Contractors in 2021: FSG Finishes Strong Once Again

Each year, the widely-respected industry magazine Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) publishes its list of the Top 50 electrical contractors at work today.  In every issue, EC&M provides insight on electrical systems, products, solutions, and technologies being used in commercial, industrial, and institutional building applications. With its annual Top 50 list, the magazine takes a…

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What GC’s Really Need From an Electrical Subcontractor

In the construction industry, there are projects, and then there are Projects.  The capital-P jobs are the hospital expansions, the ground-up university buildings, the downtown high-rise multi-use towers, and the high-tech manufacturing facilities.  With massive capital expenditures on the line, each of these types of projects represents big business for the General Contractor (GC) in…

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Electrical Contractor Near Me: Local DNA, National Capability.

Electrical Contractor Near me header image

Electrical Contractor Near Me In Kingwood, Texas, a hurricane ravaged the town. The local country club and athletic center were underwater. They needed disaster recovery services to get the lights back on, and then the tennis courts needed a retrofit to properly get back to business.   In Corrales, New Mexico, the town needed to improve…

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The Right Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrical Contractor

5 Questions Electrical Contractor

Hiring an electrical contractor to execute a project for your business is not a trivial, routine task.  No matter what size project your business faces, there really is no room for mistakes when working with facility electrical systems. After all, even the simplest projects involve working with systems that your business depends on every day…

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A Partnership at the Heart of a Children’s Hospital

Methodist Children's Hospital

Building a hospital is a matter of life and death. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of patients and families will place their absolute trust in the doctors, nurses, technicians, and staff whose job it is to save lives. But every patient and family member must also place their trust in an unseen host of…

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