The #1 Consideration for Critical Infrastructure Facilities: Finding the Right Electrical Contractor

Sections: All across the country, there are facilities, and then there are facilities. Some facilities have been designated as critical infrastructure, and are subject to stricter building codes and regulations than other facilities.  Generally speaking, whenever a facility is involved in the business of public health and safety, our government recognizes that the stakes are…

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When “Leaving the Lights On” Gets Ridiculous

A recent NBC News report brought attention to problems with the lighting in a Massachusetts High School.  Since 2021, more than 7,000 lights have been on non-stop following a software failure within the lighting control system at Minnechaug Regional High School. The high school’s troubles even made their way into a humorous “Weekend Update” segment…

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Servicing a Building, Helping a Community

101 Warren blog post

Servicing a Building, Helping a Community: FSG and 101 Warren Street, NYC At 4:30 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, the building management at 101 Warren Street in New York City knew they had a problem. A white cloud was pouring out of a manhole inside a parking structure within the building. Beneath that manhole, they…

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