Why Energy Efficiency is Important for Your Small Business

Business owners might look back fondly on a time when embracing energy efficiency felt like a forward-thinking, friendly kind of gesture toward someone interesting, a person you might want to get to know better someday.  Early efforts to conserve electricity were like the polite side hugs or “attaboy” pats on the back associated with casual…

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Healthcare Facility Management: The Difficult Truth

Across the shifting landscape of the U.S. healthcare system, individual hospitals and integrated networks of managed facilities are in a constant battle to meet the demands of the market while providing excellent patient care.   For facility managers in charge of maintaining the hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers that constitute the front lines of healthcare in…

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How to Reduce Commercial Energy Usage

Building - reducing energy

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) has previously found that the building sector makes up 76 percent of electricity use in the United States. It also causes 40 percent of the country’s primary energy use and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Because of this, improving commercial energy consumption can have a huge impact on…

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Navigating Military Base Logistics to Improve Energy Efficiency

U.S. Military Base

For the United States government, energy efficiency is massively important. Not only do all areas of government need to provide their assigned services, but they also need to do so while cutting costs and conserving resources.  “The Department of Defense recognizes over 47,000 structures that fall under federal energy efficiency guidelines. But as of 2015,…

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