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The Best Thing About Being Alone at Christmas

Most school districts don’t like to tackle interior campus upgrade projects during the school year.

The reasons for this are obvious with student and staff safety usually being primary. However, cramming upgrade projects into the summer months can be hard on a planning and construction department as well as costly for contractors who usually have to increase labor loads to meet tighter holiday deadlines.

Christmas holidays are a valuable time for district maintenance and construction departments to get smaller campus upgrade projects such as LED lighting upgrades done.

Here are three projects you can consider doing on your campuses while the students and teachers are away on Christmas break.

1. Small Lighting Upgrade Projects.

Whole campus or multi-campus lighting upgrade projects could be a challenge in the short two or three weeks the buildings are empty, but smaller individual projects can be very doable! Gymnasiums, cafeterias, offices– all of these are small enough projects to get done over the break and return real savings to the district.

2. Get Construction Grade Lighting Audits

The Christmas holidays are a perfect time to do construction-grade lighting audits to help build plans for bigger upgrade projects to be completed at later dates. The empty hallways and classrooms mean that auditors can get everything counted and cataloged without having to navigate students and staff.

3. Calibrate and Level Set Building Controls

The Christmas holidays are just long enough to provide time to come in and calibrate, and level set HVAC, as well as lighting controls on the campuses. These projects are perfect for a Christmas holiday because lights turning on and off and HVAC systems testing won’t disrupt teachers and students.

FSG can help with all of these types of projects and more!

Click Here to learn more about how FSG can help you make holiday plans for your campuses and perhaps free up some project time for the summer months!

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