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The Right Partner For Turnkey Technology Integration

For large property owners looking for technology integration, finding the right partner is paramount to successfully bringing your ideas to life. A turnkey technology contractor is capable of serving as a one-stop shop where customers can meet their integration goals with minimal effort on their part. While many companies might bill themselves as offering turnkey solutions, in practice, this is rarely the case. When researching prospective service providers, the number one characteristic clients should look for in a company is one that exhibits the greatest knowledge and expertise.

It’s likely that any professional with experience servicing the technology integration space knows how to perform the basic functions of hanging a display or crimping a cable. However, a knowledgeable expert will also be able to articulate why the gauge of the cable matters, or what contrast ratio and scaling really mean. A contractor that is truly versed in all things technology will understand how the pieces of a larger solution fit together and drive value for the customer. The ability to listen to clients is also critical as some technology contractors prefer instead to push their own favorite ideas, resulting in a solution that doesn’t leave the customer fully satisfied, squandering their investment. By listening to the customer’s specific integration challenges, the right partner can determine the best solution to bring their ideas to life.

Beyond knowledge and the ability to listen, the budget also plays a factor in distinguishing the best contractors from the rest, but not in ways that are always obvious. Truth be told, a bigger budget doesn’t always lend itself to a better solution. If a contractor is financially unable to leverage the relationships with vendors necessary to sample or demo certain components, it compromises that contractor’s ability to find the best solution for the customer. Some operators in this space don’t have the capital or buying power to really research and test a solution. The top-tier partners are going to be able to prove their worth through experience, knowledge, and engineering. All of this requires capital — capital to purchase the right parts and the best people to implement them in an optimal solution.

With over 35 years of experience, FSG has established itself as a leading provider of turnkey solutions for customers in a wide variety of industries. We listen to clients from both a financial and knowledgeable point of view. Our comprehensive services cover every stage of integration, from electrical service to the end device, and everything in-between.

Today’s buildings are getting smarter. FSG has the wherewithal to work side-by-side with other traditional trades to bring complex projects to life. We are ready for the future of completely connected buildings, and our position as an industry leader allows us to deliver turnkey solutions that exceed expectations, while allowing our customers to focus on their core mission.

To learn more about how FSG can help fulfill your integration needs, click here to visit us at our page of FSGI.COM today!

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