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Top Three Energy Resolutions for 2019

The new year is right around the corner and with the new year comes one of the most disappointing creations mankind has ever come up with– the new year’s resolution.

Whether your resolution is to lose a little bit of weight, go skydiving, or finally ask that special someone out on a date, the truth is that resolutions, as full of good intentions as they are, tend to do more to let us down than build us up.

However, there are a few things you can do in the new year that will make differences for you and those around you that doesn’t require giving up bread or superman amounts of courage to accomplish.

Here are the top three New Years resolutions for facility operators that don’t require fasting or lying to your self.

1. Lower your Electric Bills!

I know that sounds pretty high reaching right out of the gate but give me a second to explain. Electricity is costing more and more every year. And while you can’t affect the price of power (unless you work for a utility) you can affect how much of that power you use and you can do that pretty easily! Make a resolution to lower your electric bills in 2019 by changing your lighting in your business or your home to LED! Our family changed every lamp in our house to LED in 2016 (3,000 sq ft house) and saw a 30% decrease in our energy consumption! Imagine what that could do for your business! You could take the extra money and get a gym membership for yourself AND your employees!

2. Take Some Pride!

I can’t help you with asking that special someone out in 2019, but I can encourage you to take some pride in your business and your facilities by doing some simple housekeeping projects that don’t cost much. For example, clean the top shelves that no one sees! The dust on those shelves collects, gets into your HVAC’s return air system, and can wreak havoc on coils, ducts, and other sensitive HVAC components. Keeping the office dusted can help keep the HVAC system running more efficiently. Other things you can do in 2019 to help your facility be more efficient include:

  • Fresh exterior paint and caulking can help prevent water and rodent penetration.
  • Regular Tree and Shrub trimming can help reduce the risk of damaging holes to walls and roofs that can go unnoticed.
  • Regular roof cleaning can help keep black mold and other contaminants off and keep the roofs reflective properties intact.

There are many other things you can do that don’t take much money that will help your business run more efficiently, but also look a lot better for when you bring that special someone by the office for a visit!

3. Don’t Do It Alone!

Almost every new year’s resolution expert will advise that if you’re going to make a new year’s resolution it’s best to not try to go at it alone! Find a partner in 2019 that is as committed to your resolutions as you are. When it comes to your facility, find a maintenance and project partner that can help you find more efficient ways to use the energy coming into your business. Multi-disciplined companies like FSG really are the best partners you can ask for when it comes to managing facility costs and feeling like you actually accomplished something in the new year!

So go ahead– make ambitious resolutions for 2019! But when you do slip up and eat that extra bowl of ice cream on week three, don’t get discouraged, just look up and think about what else you could do in 2019 to make your business, and the world a better place! Then call FSG and let us help you set the goal and stick to it!

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