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Whatever the project, we have the plan and resources to handle traffic control.

Planning & Design

FSG Traffic Control takes the whole project into consideration when developing a plan.  FSG is then able to take care of all documentation, permitting, and coordination with other agencies to ensure the traffic control portion of the project goes smoothly.

Traffic Lane Closures

From a low traffic residential street, to the main lanes of I-35, FSG Traffic Control is able to tackle any traffic control challenge safely, and effectively to keep your people and job site safe.

Bike Lane Closures

Bike lane closures can pose a unique challenge and danger to both workers and bicyclists.  FSG Traffic Control deploys industry best practices designed to keep everyone safe, while still keeping the roads bike friendly.

Sidewalk Closures

FSG Traffic Control can even help manage sidewalk closures so pedestrians don’t find themselves in a dangerous situations. FSG Traffic Control can work with cities and businesses alike to make sure laws are followed and access to businesses affected by a closure is impacted as little as possible.

Intersection Closures

Perhaps the most common of traffic control scenarios, intersection closures can also pose the greatest risk to people and property if not executed properly. FSG Traffic Control takes intersection closures extremely seriously and works to get them right so projects are a success.


Drivers tend to always get frustrated with detours. However, if they are planned well, marked correctly, and executed professionally, detours can be deployed as a traffic control device with great success. FSG Traffic Control makes sure detours are handled the right way, so projects and communities aren’t impacted negatively by them.

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