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FSG Delivers Indoor Air Quality To Harford Community College

FSG delivered verifiable indoor air quality improvements for Harford Community College in Maryland, with the latest disinfection technology being backed up by real-time air quality monitoring.

Since 1957, Harford Community College (HCC) has provided essential university-level core curriculum studies along with vocational trade instruction for area residents. The main campus occupies 352 acres near Bel Air, Maryland, and has 24 buildings totaling approximately 372,525 square feet.

Like every other organization that maintains multiple facilities for use by the general public, HCC was struggling to promote and maintain safety for students and visitors during the global coronavirus pandemic. Following a year of extreme effort to provide sanitary spaces for its internal and external customers, HCC was frustrated to realize that costly building cleaning programs and remedial efforts to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) were impossible to verify. The community college was frustrated to realize that despite all its best efforts, there was no way to demonstrate success in improving IAQ for campus visitors and employees.

Louis Claypoole, the Project Manager for HCC, reached out to FSG to inquire about sports lighting options that the community college was considering for the future. During that conversation with FSG’s Jennifer Mercer, the subject of HCC’s ongoing efforts to provide improved IAQ at its facilities came up.

Jennifer Mercer explained to Louis Claypoole that HCC’s ongoing efforts to provide safe spaces for its students and employees didn’t have to continue relying on best wishes alone. Jennifer explained that the latest disinfection tools and technology included a functionality that allowed for real-time air quality monitoring. This monitoring could provide HCC with the verifiable data it needed to demonstrate to all its stakeholders that the IAQ in HCC facilities was being maintained at safe levels.

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