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FSG helps businesses get more efficient lighting and electrical systems for their facilities large and small.

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4 Reasons Why FSG is the Smart Choice


Upfront Pricing

We're not hiding anything.


No Hassle Service

Saving you valuable time and energy.


Done Right Guarantee

Expect the highest quality work.


360° Energy Saving

Right for your bottom line & the environment.

Lowering Your Operating Costs is Easier Than You Think

1. Design a Solution

Contact us and tell us what your challenge is. Then FSG teams will go to work designing the right solution to that challenge.

2. Execute the Solution

Once the solution is designed, FSG teams will go to work for you putting the solution together and getting it implemented.

3. Evaluate the Solution

Whether it’s ordering new lamps or fixtures, building a sign, and servicing an existing electrical system, FSG will continually evaluate the effectiveness of your solution to make sure what is being executed is meeting your goals.

4. Maintain the Solution

Once it’s all said and done, FSG isn’t going to abandon you! FSG will help you keep your solution maintained and working the way you want it to work for years to come!

Case Studies

Real Results from Across the Country

See how companies large and small are using our services to improve their facilities and customer experiences.

All Locations

Around the Corner, Around the Nation.

Whether you need help next door, or in the next state, FSG is able to find solutions for you that get results nationwide. FSG has offices and branches across the United States that can get the job done. Ask our team about how FSG can help you in other parts of the country.

We can be where you are

With 29 locations we can be where you need us.

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Starting Your Next Project Is Easier Than You Think


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Hassle-Free Execution

FSG is committed to more than just talk.

FSG is committed to more than just talk, but it does take a conversation to get the ball rolling! Call us today and ask for a facility efficiency consultation or fill out our on-line form and one of our team members will get back to you within two hours.

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