ABIA LED Digital Wayfinding Signage

Case Study
Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) and Austin Commercial trusted the expertise of FSG Signs to upgrade directional signage with Digital Signage by Daktronics


ABIA has experienced exponential growth and when it was time to revitalize and expand their static directional signage systems, the general contractor Austin Commercial relied on FSG Signs.

Replacing static directional signage with LED digital displays was just one part of a massive project for ABIA that FSG Signs and FSG Electric teamed up on for Austin Commercial. Fabricating frames, assembly, and installation presented complexities in electrical engineering, coordinating with multiple businesses and contractors, and working around traffic through a busy international airport. Work was restricted to limited hours each night and required lane closures.

Testing the massive 10’ x 60’ digital displays by Daktronics in our shop during assembly necessitated using a special 200 amp circuit. Power for the displays at the airport required custom fuses and installation of step down transformers at their bases. The ability of FSG to do so much in house truly sets us apart from other companies.


In all, over 40 high resolution LED Digital Display signs were assembled then installed throughout the airport and parking garage, including installing the 10’ x 60’ digital displays on gantrys across 4 lanes of traffic.

FSG’s ability to offer full-service solutions and leverage strong relationships with multiple contractors ensured the success of this challenging project.

The results achieved were reliable and dynamic signage displays for Austin Bergstrom International Airport, enabling customizable messaging and improved traffic flow. FSG is proud to have a part in adding a striking welcoming element at ABIA, an important gateway to Austin.

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