Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions

EV Charging Station Design, Engineering, & Installation

FSG is uniquely positioned to handle the planning and execution of local and national roll-outs of new EV charging stations. From design to engineering, procurement, installation, and maintenance, FSG is the ideal partner for EV charging station projects nationwide.

EV Charging Stations Where You Need Them

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Commercial Property

Show off your company's commitment to sustainability. Also, remember this: more of your shoppers and visitors will be driving electric cars in the coming years.  By installing EV charging stations now, you can get ahead of your competition. Futureproof your parking lot or garage against the influx of electric vehicles.


City Streets

Putting EV charging stations in your downtown business district shows that your town is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions. And, with more and more electric vehicles on the road each day, adding charging stations near downtown attractions supports your local economy. FSG has national Cooperative Purchasing Agreements for the supply and installation of EV Chargers that have already been competitively bid.



FSG has a presence in all 50 States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our teams can handle EV station rollouts on a national scale. We will work with you to create a plan that supports your business. We are where you are, around the nation and around the corner.

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Types of EV Charging

Levels of EV Charging

Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers are classified according to the speed with which they recharge an EV battery.  EV charging stations are divided into three levels, as shown in the chart on the left.

FSG services the commercial market and offers Level 2 and Level 3 chargers. These can be without displays for charging your in-house vehicle fleet, or they can include displays and software which allow you to recover the cost of energy for employees, or to sell energy at an increased cost to customers or visitors.

The Time is Now: Electric Vehicles Are On the Road

Electric vehicles are no longer a niche market.  For more and more people every day, the engineering and price points have merged to make the decision to purchase an electric car easier than ever.

With government incentives in place right now to support the expansion of our nationwide EV charging station network, the number of electric vehicles on our roads will only increase.  In fact, the U.S. government has set a goal to see 50% of all new car sales be electric vehicles by 2030.

FSG is a natural fit for local governments and commercial operations looking to improve their EV infrastructure.  With FSG, you can confidently take full advantage of federal funding as well as state and local incentives for EV charging stations.

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Straight Answers for Common EV Infrastructure Questions

Common questions for businesses interested in a new EV charging station include “How do I get power to my stations”, or “Will my current electrical switchgear support a new EV charging station”?  Many local municipalities and businesses might be unsure of which type of EV charging station is right for their location.

One call to FSG and your EV infrastructure questions will be met with clear answers from industry experts with long experience and deep relationships within the EV charging industry.

Put Our Industry Relationships to Work for You

Our experience with EV infrastructure should provide the confidence you need to make a good choice for your new EV charging station.  We are a contracted service install partner for Tesla and Blink, and we have ongoing affiliate relationships with industry leaders like Leviton/Chargepoint, AmpedUP!, EVConnect, Efacec, and BreezeEV.

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Download the Federal Government Fact Sheet

Why You Should Consider Installing EV Charging Stations

Quite simply: the time is NOW!
  • The U.S. Government is investing heavily in expanding the national EV charging station network. In March, the United States passed the milestone of 100,000 public chargers (as recorded by the Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel Data Center). New charging stations accelerate EV deployment and make driving an electric vehicle more convenient all across the country. Federal funding could result in over $41.9 billion in federal grants through 15 specific programs. Government grants are available right now to help you make the switch to EV charging at your place of business.
  • The number of electric vehicles on the road is climbing every year.  The drivers of those new cars are your customers and employees, and they have a choice about where to shop and work.
  • EV charging technology has never been better.  New EV charging systems are coming to the market all the time, and with FSG as your partner, you will get to take full advantage of the latest, most efficient, convenient, and innovative EV charging equipment available anywhere.

EV Charging Solutions From a 40-Year Old Company You Can Trust

FSG has been around since 1982.  Our national lighting and electrical equipment distribution network supports clients large and small, and we provide expert electrical construction and service through our network of over 30 branch locations in the United States.

Provide your next EV charging station project with the highest standards for equipment and service being provided anywhere in the country today, and you will understand the meaning of lasting value.  You and your customers will appreciate the form, fit, & finish of an EV charging station provided by FSG.


FSG is one of the few companies that offers a full suite of products
and services to support your EV needs from coast to coast.

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