Project Type
Small Cell Construction
Project Owner
General Contractor
Ansco & Associates

AT&T Small Cell Node A&E | Telecom Victoria, Texas

Case Study
FSG Telecom Delivers Turnkey Workaround for Stalled AT&T Small Cell Construction Project


While conducting due diligence prior to beginning construction work, FSG Telecom discovered that the specified location for a planned node was actually on private property. To make matters worse, a 12” gas main was lying directly in the path of a possible alternate location. With a deadline looming and project success on the line, FSG Telecom was tasked with finding a new location in the right of way for this node pole that would be acceptable to the local agency having jurisdiction (AHJ).


FSG Telecom’s construction team and design team went to work. The construction team fully researched the site and fed this information to FSG's Architecture & Engineering (A&E) design team. The A&E design team incorporated the site survey, field information, and client requirements to create a new site and profile drawing that the AHJ approved.


Working together and utilizing in-house teams, FSG Telecom was able to create a workable solution that satisfied all stakeholders and delivered a site in a fraction of the time it would normally require. FSG Telecom's turnkey service offering paid off for AT&T on this project, turning what could have been a costly and drawn-out delay into a rapid solution that delivered project success.

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