Contract Amount
Project Type
Electrical Construction
Project Owner
Texas Health Resources
General Contractor
DPR Construction

THR Presbyterian Hospital Denton, Texas

Case Study
FSG Turns to Propel Prefabrication to Keep 2020 Hospital Expansion Project on Schedule


Texas Health Resources (THR) operates 27 hospital locations serving over 7 million residents throughout 16 counties in North Texas. The $128 million addition to its Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton facility represented another step forward for THR, with the new facility offering much-needed women’s care facilities for the rapidly growing Denton County area.

When deciding to go forward with this project in 2020, despite the growing COVID-19 public health crisis, THR knew that the contractors working on the job would need to have a deep bench of qualified employees to keep the project on schedule. General Contractor DPR Construction selected project partners with a proven track record that could match their sense of urgency and provide quality deliverables, even during a pandemic. To complete the electrical construction work scope on the project, DPR decided to go with FSG.


FSG understood that advanced planning was going to be more important than ever, with the 2020 health crisis actively threatening to impact an already tight labor market. Because of FSG's extensive experience with hospital construction projects, project management easily identified the underground rack for the hospital’s Central Utility Plant (CUP) as a key “pressure point” that could potentially impact the project timeline.

On-site fabrication and installation of the underground rack that routes and manages the numerous lines and services beneath the hospital’s CUP would be especially challenging during the coronavirus pandemic, with standard job site practices in a state of flux. Therefore, for this important project, FSG decided to work with its electrical prefabrication partner, Propel Prefab, to deliver the complex design on time and keep the THR Denton project on track.


FSG’s Project Engineer worked with designers at FSG’s Dallas office to complete a BIM model for the underground rack. Next, project management reached out to Propel Prefab in San Antonio to finalize the details of the underground rack design and to initiate work on the job. When the prefabrication work was complete, FSG’s project management coordinated the delivery of the finished rack so that it arrived at the project site just in time for its placement within its newly excavated home.

Through forward-thinking project management and the proactive application of prefabrication solutions, FSG was able to anticipate challenges, avoid them, and keep the project on schedule for THR in Denton.

As the team at FSG's Dallas branch likes to say, the word "No" is never an option, and some projects make it necessary to find a new way to say "Yes".

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