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FSG IoT solutions provide real-time monitoring,  allowing much more targeted control of systems—down to the room, HVAC vent, and individual light fixture

Easy Deployment

400+ Easy to Deploy IoT Solutions

FSG IoT provides 400+ IoT sensors & solutions that are pre-programmed, and pre-configured to work on any platform or app of your choice. Just scan it, and use it! Watch this short video to see just how easy it is to deploy FSG's IoT solutions.

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Refrigeration Monitoring

Refirgeration Monitor

Monitor temperature conditions of walk-in coolers, freezers, and other food storage areas to maintain proper food safety. Plus, door open/close monitoring.

Waste Bin Monitoring

Waste Bin Monitor

Designed for indoor or outdoor bin status detection. Wireless sensor retrofits to your existing bins. It detects and alerts on statuses for full/empty, flame risk, or inclined (fall)

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

For safer and healthier buildings, monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, total volatile organic compounds,  and light level. Provide peace of mind that you are providing the optimal safe environment.

People Counting


Features like staff detection, dwell time measuring, and the ability to connect multiple units to cover wide openings enable this IoT device to help smart retailers optimize their customer experience.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

BoB Assistant is an IoT device that alerts you in real-time on the operating status of your machines. Prevent failures and reduce downtime with the power of artificial intelligence and connected objects.

Door Barricade

Door Barricade

Increase staff protection during dangerous intruder events. Know when a lockdown is triggered, remotely visualize the building, and take swift action. Works with NightLock.

Feedback Survey

Feedback Survey Monitoring

Place a small, customizable connected dashboard or button in any area where customer feedback is essential. Collect feedback effortlessly

Panic Button

Panic Button

Ensure employee and customer safety. Place buttons on walls, under desks, or on lanyards, when activated text message and email alerts are sent in case of emergencies.

Plug and Play Monitoring

Monitor only what you need to monitor.

Monitor the most important aspects of your facilities and only pay for what you need. You can scale and add sensors as you need them and get monitoring for every sensor you install.

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