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Every night, your parking lot delivers a first and last impression to your customers.   Partner with an expert parking lot lighting contractor to design, install, and maintain a bright, safe, and welcoming parking lot lighting solution for your business.

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Common Parking Lot Problems

Most of the parking lots serviced by FSG have similar problems. Their large parking areas are illuminated by only a few outdated fixtures. For facilities that were built when metal halide or mercury vapor lights were in fashion, the contrast between their parking lots and newer lots filled with LED lighting is dramatic.  For business owners, insult is added to injury when the electric bill comes and reveals that inferior lighting is more expensive than brighter, cleaner, customer-pleasing LED.

Security Delivers Business Profits

It really doesn’t matter that law enforcement officials report fewer crimes in well-lit areas.  The fact that customers won’t shop where they don’t feel safe should be your number one reason to explore a better parking lot lighting solution.  For malls, retail stores, car dealerships, airports, restaurants, movie theaters, and downtown parking structures, upgraded parking lot lighting makes customers feel safer and delivers profits for your business.

Energy Savings

In the case study below, Ingram Park Mall saved over $30,000 each year in energy costs by switching to LED lighting for its parking lots. And that number is not a fluke.  FSG customers have saved up to 80% on their overall energy consumption after working with our expert parking lot lighting contractors to find a facility solution that works for them. We’ll get to work finding all available energy rebates and programs offered by municipalities, service providers, and manufacturers to immediately save you money.

Before & After Parking Lot Lights

Drone shots of this Parking Lot before (left) and after (right) the LED Lighting Retrofit project by FSG.

Case Study

Parking Lot Lighting: Ingram Park Mall

Watch the dramatic before and after images of Ingram Park Mall in San Antonio, TX. FSG used Acuity lighting to not only create a dramatic difference in the exterior lighting but create energy savings that will pay for the project in a few years.

If you consider that replacing old lighting can reduce your energy bill by 50-70%retrofitting your parking lot lights can drastically reduce your operating expenses.

In a recent study in NYC, it was found that improved parking lot lighting reduced crime by 39%.

The study was conducted in a public housing area that had a record for nighttime crimes in the area. Improved environmental design has also shown an improvement in crime reduction in commercial areas like malls, restaurants, and hospitals.

Since there are normally a small number of people in a parking lot compared to the inside of a mall or hospital, parking lots have become a likely location for criminal activity. Adequate parking lot & parking garage lighting continues to be one of several deterrents to criminal activity.


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Just as a recap, we wanted to highlight some of the benefits of upgraded parking lot lighting:

  • Reduce energy usage and cost savings, usually a 50-70% savings
  • Higher quality of light from a 5000 kelvin fixture
  • Reduced future maintenance costs with the longer life LED fixtures
  • Increased light levels in the parking area
  • Improve the safety of customers and employees
  • Return on Investment (ROI) is usually under 24 months
  • Increase customers to your business with brighter, safer lots