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Save money on your lighting or HVAC upgrade project with rebates offered by your utility provider and captured by FSG.

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Discounted Project

Sometimes you just want someone else to take care of it. FSG can help you capture the rebate and give you a discount on the project up front so you don’t have to worry about it later.

Qualified Contractor

Utility rebate programs usually come with a number of rules and guidelines. FSG can help you understand these rules and can offer solutions that meet the utility companies guidelines.

Tailored Approach

Every business is unique. FSG can take a generic utility rebate program and tailor it to fit your businesses needs.

Multiple Ways to Save

A lot of rebate programs will provide additional incentives for adding controls or other energy savings products. FSG has the ability to incorporate controls into our lighting projects as a single source provider to make it easier and more beneficial for you.

Experience in the Business

You’re not a lighting or rebates expert. When you hire a lighting expert, you want to know that they know what they are doing. FSG has been in business for more then 35 years and has experience with utility rebate programs across the country so you can know that we know what we are doing.

Private or Public

Whether you’re running a private business or responsible for saving tax payer dollars, you need to trust that your rebate partner can help you. FSG has experience working with both private industry and government entities capturing rebates and incentives.

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Consistent, Auditable & Scalable

We work with both utility companies and program administrators that offer rebate programs, and the consumers who will benefit from those incentives. Green Solutions, our online service, makes it easier for utility companies to offer energy savings solutions to their customers who adopt newer, more efficient technology and state of the art products. We provide a consistent, auditable, and scalable solution.

Your Advantage

FSG is involved in, and understands, all phases and parts of a utility program. We can offer direct material, labor, design, and administration. And where you want to involve other suppliers and installers, we understand their needs and talk their language.

Experience You Can Count On

FSG is no newcomer to serving the needs of Utility Customers. In the late 1980s and throughout the ‘90s, FSG participated in several New Jersey utility programs including RFP89 and the Standard Offer with PSE&G. We have performed Targeted DSM Programs with Consolidated Edison in New York City, and have managed complete programs and exclusive territories for Small Business Direct Install Programs in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Texas, Georgia, New York, New Jersey and Maryland.


You Don't Have to Be a Lighting Expert, but You Can Feel Like One

At FSG, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the complicated world of commercial lighting products and services. The guide walks you through replacing your commercial lighting, from the bulb types to the lighting audit to installation. Included are lighting worksheets that you can print for your team as well as a detailed bulb reference chart, so you know exactly what's in your facility.

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