Project Type
Project Owner
The Brauser group / Roosevelt Ave LLC
General Contractor
Bravo Builders
Electrical Contractor
FSG Electric

71-17 Roosevelt Ave New York, New York

Case Study
FSG's integrated solutions for the high-rise commercial tower in Queens showcase our commitment to precision, positively impacting both aesthetics and functionality for community improvement.


In the heart of Queens, New York, FSG is currently leading the construction of a high-rise commercial tower, showcasing our expertise in comprehensive electrical solutions and lighting design. As the appointed contractor, we've taken on the responsibility of managing all electrical installations, covering fire alarm systems with commissioning, Low Voltage communication systems, security, and intercom. Additionally, FSG has undertaken a separate contract to curate a distinctive lighting fixture package, contributing to both the aesthetics and functionality of this ambitious project.


The project comes with its fair share of complexities, from intricacies in fire alarm and security systems to the integration of Low Voltage communication and intercom technologies. FSG has developed a meticulous plan, ensuring the seamless integration of these diverse elements. Our adept project management, just-in-time procurement strategies, and balanced labor curves have played a crucial role in overcoming challenges, ensuring the project progresses on schedule and within budget. FSG's commitment to precision shines through in every aspect of the construction process.


Beyond construction, our team takes pride in contributing to positive change within the Queens community. We eagerly anticipate the transformative impact of the high-rise commercial tower, not just in terms of the skyline but also in the tangible improvements it will bring to the community. FSG remains dedicated to delivering a project that not only meets but exceeds expectations, leaving a lasting positive impact on Queens. We look forward to witnessing the skyline transformation and the enhancement of community life resulting from this endeavor.

More Information

FSG is currently Building this high rise commercial tower in queens NY. FSG was contracted to handle all electrical installations including, fire alarm with commissioning, Low Voltage communication systems, Security and intercom. FSG also contracted separately to provide a lighting fixture package. Our group is proud to be part of this project and look forward to the improvement it will make on the community.

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