Channel Letter Signage

Channel letter signage spotlights your brand, directs customers to your location, and communicates your business story.

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Channel Letter Sign Services

High Quality & Functional Channel Letter Signage

  • Electrical
  • Lighting
  • Installation
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Permitting
  • Maintenance
  • Repair

We Will Bring Your Vision to Life

From national brands to corner stores - innovative design, skilled fabrication and meticulous installation are hallmarks of FSG Signs projects. No matter what the scope and complexity of your project, you can trust Facility Solutions Group to execute your vision on time and on budget

FSG Signs’ comprehensive services – from design, fabrication, installation and maintenance, to electrical and lighting – bring tremendous benefit to our customers. We can implement your vision from concept to installation with signage to welcome your clients for years to come.

The first thing your customers see, is the last thing you should worry about!


Channel Letter Design

Every sign we create is custom to your business. The team of FSG Signs artists are known for their innovative “outside the box” designs, in addition to standard signage design concepts. 

The LED Neon channel letter signage design for Whiskey Cake Kitchen (right) is a great example of our collaborative partnership with our clients. The signage lighting resembles neon without the expense and maintenance of neon, and the building sign and free-standing pole sign perfectly reflect their vintage warehouse look and feel.


Channel letters are generally fabricated of acrylic and polycarbonate, but we can customize a signage solution to suit your project.


FSG considers sustainability, quality, and durability in our designs and materials, ensuring your sign will withstand the elements.

Whiskey Cake national

We'll Take Care of the Details

  • Installation

    FSG can self-perform in any Texas market, with master electricians on staff and hundreds of technicians, electricians and installers, as well as our own fleet of trucks and cranes. If we don’t have a local branch in your area, we can still handle your project through our nationwide network of 2,000+ affiliated installers.

  • Electric

    As a top-rated provider of electrical services across the United States, FSG can offer complete services to our clients. Our electricians are available to assist our installers from simple to the most complex large scale projects, from a set of channel letters for a single location, to larger scale projects requiring hundreds of signs such as Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

  • Permitting

    The FSG Signs team will work to ensure that your signage meets local city codes and ordinances. Signs fabricated by FSG are UL certified and designed and built to meet applicable regulations.



Signage Placement

Exterior Signage: (attached or free-standing) Identifies your business; highlights the location and sets it apart from surrounding businesses; advertises your presence; makes an impression on current and potential customers

Interior Signage: Showcases your brand, service, or product; makes an artistic statement; draws attention to a specific area at your location.

Mounting Options

Individual (flush) Mount: Channel letters attached directly to an interior or exterior wall.

Raceway or Wireway Mount: Channel letters attached to a raceway or pan that is attached to a wall. Or, to add even more visual appeal, the letters could be attached to a backer panel of various materials then mounted to a raceway.

There are many creative options that can be customized to suit your sign design needs.

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