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EV Charging Set to Change the Way We Deal with Our Power Grids

Everybody is talking about EV charging stations, and about the expanding network of locations across the country coming on line to meet the new demands of electric vehicles.  While the news is exciting for EV owners and those thinking about purchasing an EV, the progress toward a more diversified transportation fleet takes time.

The country’s electric grid network is the subject of growing focus as states, cities, and businesses begin rolling out more EV charging locations.  As it happens, there is more to the job of establishing a nationwide network of EV charging stations than one might immediately think.

A recent article from the business publication MarketScale points out that an expanded network of EV charging facilities will definitely require some planning to avoid disruption to the nation’s electric grid.  In addition to a measured approach, the article advocates for the provision of additional energy storage devices and the latest DC to AC power converters.

The time is now to look at our electrical grid and prepare for a network of electric vehicle charging stations.
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The biggest takeaway from the MarketScale article is that with National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) funding set to start rolling out soon, now is the time to shore up our national power grid to support changes to the way we get down the road.  

Even as states, cities, and individual business owners embrace the practical and financial potential of EV charging, the country still has work to do to make sure our power grid is capable of meeting the new requirements we are now placing on it.  So, like everything else in life, the change happens while the awareness of the consequences is only just becoming apparent.  We have lots of work to do!

Businesses Need to Act Now

Another key takeaway from the article is that creative partnerships are critical for business owners to take advantage of the EV charging station land rush.  Profit-sharing charging applications and creative financing opportunities are some of the hottest trends for facility owners looking to cash in on the revenue-generating opportunities associated with EV charging stations.

Business owners should remember that advances in EV charging technology and connectivity have allowed EV charging stations to become reliable, long-term revenue generators for large commercial enterprises such as major retailers, restaurants, hotels, and special event venues.  Today, even smaller businesses with individual locations are cashing in on the opportunities that flow from EV charging.

EV charging stations present cash flow opportunities for businesses.
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The key is understanding the business of EV charging. What does your business need to understand to capitalize on this growing trend in nationwide transportation?

At FSG, we make it our business to vet the industry leaders in EV charging infrastructure. We are a contracted service install partner for Tesla, and we have ongoing affiliate relationships with industry leaders like Leviton, Blink, ChargePoint, EVConnect, Efacec, ampUP, EvoCharge, and BreezeEV.

To put it simply, we support your ongoing success by only representing quality manufacturers that deliver lasting value to their customers.  When taking into account our successful EV charging project experience, and considering our excellent industry relationships with pre-vetted manufacturing partners, you can understand how your business will benefit from the decision to call FSG.

FSG Delivers Turnkey Solutions for EV Charging Stations

With expertise and experience in the design, engineering, installation, maintenance, and repair of EV charging stations, FSG is a natural fit for local governments and commercial operations looking to improve their EV infrastructure.  With FSG, you can confidently take full advantage of the new federal funding in place to support the growth in electric vehicles.


Newcomers to the idea of installing an EV charging station might soon encounter some common questions, such as “How do I get power to my stations?”, or “Will my current electrical switchgear support a new EV charging station?”  Many local municipalities and businesses might be unsure of which type of EV charging station is right for their location.

FSG is here to answer every one of those questions, and more.  We can provide electrical engineering and design solutions for local governments and businesses, and when the plans are in place we can follow through with industry-leading equipment and installation services that you can trust.

Our experience in the EV infrastructure field will provide the confidence you need to make a good choice for your new EV charging station. 

Remember: in the current environment, there will be no shortage of newcomers to the market with brand new EV infrastructure equipment and a desire to ride the wave for a while.  Vetting the form, fit, and function of EV charging equipment is an FSG strength you really should consider.

FSG provides electrical engineering and design solutions for businesses.
Source: FSG Media

Ready for Your Project 

FSG stands ready to guide you through the conception, design, engineering, procurement, installation, and ongoing service of your EV charging station.  But what about all the details?  Who can help you understand the fine print of all of this new EV infrastructure?

Once again, FSG is the answer.  Our national accounts team and our energy service company (ESCO) team are ready to guide you through the maze of grants, rebates, incentives, and state-level programs that can support your decision to get on board with EV infrastructure today.

Most importantly, know this: FSG has been in business for 40 years.  Each year, our company ranks among the Top 20 electrical contractors in the country.  Our lighting and electrical distribution business is a formidable partner for customers concerned about supply chain disruptions and tight project timelines.


We are not newcomers full of empty promises.  FSG is solely focused on delivering a fantastic project experience to our customers, who will enjoy lasting value for years to come.  

If you are a business owner interested in exploring the potential of EV charging, the first call you make really does matter.  Let our experts answer your questions and explain the process of getting started with EV charging at your place of business.

If you have made the decision to expand your business to include EV charging stations, call us today at (877) 293-6689 or contact us online.  

We are doing this work right now in markets all across the United States, and we can help you make smart decisions that will deliver lasting value to you and your EV charging customers for years to come.

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