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Let EV Charging Put Your Parking Lot to Work for Your Business

Business owners understand that success depends on managing the changes that never seem to stop.  Just when things start running smoothly… that’s the time to look out for the curveball.

Maybe it is a supply issue, or perhaps something has happened to demand.  It could be that trends have shifted or evolved in a way that threatens to leave your business behind.

Still, even while juggling all the changes associated with running a business, business owners will tell you that operating expenses remain, sometimes painfully,  just the same.  

The landscaping doesn’t care about that new product line.  The cleaning crew shows up right on time, even at the end of a slow day in the office.  And that parking lot needs safe, attractive, efficient lighting, proper striping, pavement repair, and a daily check for trash and debris.

In fact, your parking lot may represent the most critical of all ongoing operating expenses for businesses, since it delivers a first and last impression for customers and employees who use it every day.  (Nothing says “struggling” quite like a nasty, broken-down parking lot.)

If your parking lot looks like this at night then it’s time for a change
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Running a successful business will always involve a complicated dance of managing constant changes with products and services while staying on top of ongoing operating issues at your facility.  

Ready for a little help with that?  Wouldn’t it be nice if your parking lot actually pitched in and did some work for a change?  Read on to learn more.

Your Lot, Your Opportunity

Traditionally, parking lots are judged for their convenience and appeal, and at night their safety becomes extremely important.  Facility owners across the country know that maintaining a welcoming parking lot is one expense that cannot be avoided if the goal is to attract customers and retain employees.

Today, EV charging stations are changing the role of parking lots to include revenue-generating opportunities for business owners.  With the increasingly widespread adoption of electric vehicles taking place in markets across the country, everyday parking lots are becoming the filling stations of the future.  

Much of this trend can be attributed to the way people use electric vehicles.  EV drivers still go from point A to point B, just like they did before in vehicles with gas or diesel engines.  But because of the amount of time it takes to fully recharge electric batteries, the “fill up once and drive for days” model of personal transportation has completely changed.

EV drivers must factor in driving range and strategically charge their vehicles. Your parking lot could be a place to charge.
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EV drivers charge their cars overnight.  But once they hit the streets during the day, they value every opportunity to “top up” their battery’s charge.  The concept of “range anxiety” is still prevalent, even among early adopters of electric vehicles.

So as EV drivers zip and zoom around town in the course of a normal day, they are constantly keeping an eye out for EV charging stations where they can plug in for a few minutes here or a half-hour there.  “Going to the filling station” is on the way out.  “Charging where you are” is becoming a thing.

Think of the disruption that has taken place with movie theaters in recent years.  While some occasions still call for an in-theater experience, most folks stream their entertainment choices at home these days.  A similar disruption is taking place with traditional gas and diesel filling stations.

That’s why parking lots like the one outside your place of business represent such an exciting opportunity.  Once you install EV charging stations in your parking lot, your customers will keep that fact in mind when they are out and about.

For your employees, EV charging stations deliver a wonderful employment benefit, especially to those who live in apartments or do not have access to overnight charging.  The costs would be minimal for the business, but EV charging access might make a big difference with efforts to attract and retain employees.

EV Charging stations could serve as a perk for both employees and visitors or customers.
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Best of all, during times when your office is closed and your parking lot is just sitting there washed in energy-efficient LED lights, after-hours EV drivers will continue to view your business as a quick and convenient way to top off their batteries for a modest fee.

Capturing the Moment Pays Off for Businesses

Most folks can think for a minute and come up with some stories about missed opportunities.  “If I had just known then what I know now” is a fairly common thought we all share.  Such is life.

Business regrets sting in a completely different way because when businesses make the wrong call, other people’s lives upstream and downstream from the business can be negatively impacted.  So a decision to tweak your business model is not to be taken lightly.

But what if multiple layers of discounts, rebates, and incentives were in place to limit your exposure when investing in your business?  Would you act boldly, capture the moment, and look back later with pride and satisfaction?  

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This is precisely the moment for investing in EV charging stations.  There is federal, state, and local money available for businesses interested in helping to expand our national network of EV charging stations. 

The money will eventually run out, as money always does, and many facility managers and business owners will be left thinking about missed opportunities and “the one that got away”.  Don’t be that business owner.

Understand that EV charging stations are here now and expanding rapidly.  Those facts are not in doubt.  The only real question is whether your business is in a position to take advantage of these changes.

Trust FSG to Deliver EV Charging Station Success

With expertise and experience in the design, engineering, installation, maintenance, and repair of EV charging stations, FSG is a natural fit for business owners looking to turn their parking lots into revenue and employee satisfaction generators.  With FSG, you can confidently take full advantage of all available federal, state, and local funding in place to support the growth of the nation’s EV charging station network.

Best of all, there are several ways to pay for a commercial EV charging station project. FSG even has an option that makes it easy to offer a convenient amenity for your customers with no up-front costs.  Ask us about our Charging as a Service plan or download the flyer to learn more.

For businesses across the country and right around the corner, FSG is a trusted advisor with a 40-year track record of success.  We can present multiple EV charging options for your location, vetted for form and function to meet your specific needs.  Unlike others interested in the EV “land rush”, FSG is not just the “face” of your project.  We are the single-source provider of every aspect of your EV charging station project.  Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you procure and install EV charging stations at your business.

We don’t just represent equipment manufacturers and leave you to deal with all the details.  When you call FSG, you get a complete turnkey project experience that includes planning, design, procurement, distribution, installation, maintenance, and service.

FSG will make sure your project receives the full extent of all available rebates and incentives currently available to support this investment in your business.  Our teams are ready to guide you through the various grants and state-level programs that can make installing EV charging stations feel like the best decision you ever made. Find a local office near you.

Most importantly, know this: FSG is not here to gain your trust for a moment only.  Since 1982 we’ve known that our best customers are those that enjoy an ongoing relationship with our products and services, and who consider us the one call they need to make to get solutions to a wide variety of facility challenges.

If you are a business owner interested in putting the company parking lot to work for your business, the answers to the questions you may have about EV charging stations are available right now.  Call us at (877) 293-6689 or contact us online and we will immediately respond with the information you need to make a great decision for your business.  

We are doing this work right now in markets all across the United States, and we can help you make smart decisions that will deliver lasting value to you and your business for years to come.


Remember this: Federal funding. State and local programs.  Passive income.  Employee satisfaction.  Don’t be the business owner that looks back sadly on the one that got away!

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