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Ask About the 4-in-1 Disinfection Cart

FSG has partnered with CELLO to release a brand new 4-in-1 disinfection cart that combines UVC (air & surface), NPBI, and HEPA technologies to disinfect classrooms, office spaces, and more. These units change the air an average of 10 times per hour and are available for as little as $5/day.

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Since 1982, FSG has served customers of all size and in all industries. From single-store operations to Fortune 100 enterprises, FSG has seen every type of facility and challenge.



Every FSG customer gets the benefit of our experience and knowledge in the solutions we provide. Know you’re working with a partner that is ready to serve, whatever may come.



Our commitment to results is matched by our desire to see every client succeed. That’s why FSG stands behind every project we design, build, or install. We are focused on your success.


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    The problem isn’t always just about finding the right lighting distributor or installer, the problem can sometimes be finding a lighting distributor and lighting installer that can make the lighting work! FSG is a full-service, turnkey provider that will help you not only get the lighting you need but will also help you get that lighting installed.

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    You want to know that your project partner knows what they are doing. With years of real-world experience, the FSG Houston team is intimately familiar with the best-of-breed products and solutions available today, and will build a lighting package that meets your exact needs. 

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    From our experienced in-house professionals, to our dedicated and skilled site technicians, to our courteous and passionate support and customer care teams, every custom-designed solution FSG Houston offers comes with our signature service and attention to detail.

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