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Become an Electrician: 9 Qualities That Make a Good Electrician

Electricians need talent, knowledge, and the right spirit. They need to think on their feet, feel comfortable in a classroom, and possess precise communication skills. It’s a tough job, there’s no doubt.

But being an electrician is also incredibly rewarding work that enables those who do it to live more fulfilled lives.

Have you thought of seeking out a career as an electrician? Just like in any field, becoming an electrician carries all sorts of requirements. Obviously, there are quite a few literal requirements — training, licensing, ongoing education, etc. Beyond that, though, there are many other qualities that successful electricians tend to possess.

In this article, we have listed 9 qualities that the most successful electricians tend to have. While not every electrician or apprentice can be expected to have all of these qualities, it is important to know that companies are looking for candidates with many of these qualities when they hire.

Willingness to Learn

Training is vital for every electrician, but not just in-the-field, hands-on training. There is a huge wealth of knowledge that electricians must be familiar with, and so the ability to seek out, learn, and retain that knowledge is key.

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Since the physical forces that electricians work with are so powerful (and dangerous), safety is paramount. The only way to learn the practicalities of safety is through formal classwork and studying.

In addition to safety, most electrical apprenticeship programs require 4 years to complete. In Texas that includes 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. Many apprenticeship programs also include 500+ hours of classroom training. Once training is complete, the apprentice must fill out an application and pass a journeyman electrician exam to become a journeyman electrician.

Electricians must, therefore, show an ability to learn and study in a more-or-less academic setting.

Mental & Physical Aptitude

Electricians work with electricity, of course, and electricity is nothing less than pure physics. A good electrician, then, has an interest in subjects like math, science, and physics.

Beyond intellectual aptitudes, an aspiring electrician must also possess good hand/eye coordination and skill, plus the ability to improve. Given the nature of wires and wiring, electricians must also absolutely be able to correctly identify the color of a wire. Disastrous results could follow, otherwise.

Billy Ramirez, from FSG Albuquerque, had a few things to say about what he looks for in an electrician:

“Reliability: Half the battle is having guys show up on time and every day, for emergency calls after hours. Capability: There are certain kinds of electricians. Construction, Maintenance, and Lighting Electricians. Knowing what type of electrician you have on staff and understanding the type of project you are sending them to is important.”

Billy Ramirez, FSG Albuquerque

Ramirez went on to explain the different aptitudes that these three types of electricians have. Construction electricians are on a new job site all day installing new systems, bending pipe, and pulling wire. Maintenance electricians are good at troubleshooting existing electrical systems (something a construction electrician may not be good at). Lighting electricians are good with any type of lighting systems, i.e. neon or HO or LED lamps and all the troubleshooting that is necessary to repair a system.

Good Communication Skills

Whether you plan to work independently, or within an established organization, your ability to communicate can make or break your career as an electrician. You will be working with a huge range of other job titles and personalities — architects, contractors, managers, crews, etc. — so it’s vital that you be able to get your ideas across effectively.

That means good verbal skills, excellent reading comprehension, and the ability to write your thoughts and ideas clearly. If your customers, supervisors, and colleagues can’t understand you, not only will you struggle to get the job done, you may be placing people in danger.

Sense of Adventure

Do you think it would be exciting to rappel down the side of a skyscraper, hundreds of feet of open-air hanging beneath you? Would you jump at the chance to climb across high-tension wires? Are you looking for a career that comes with the opportunity to do things you’ve never even dreamed you might do?

Rappelling Electricians – FSG Dallas

Electricians work in all sorts of environments, on every sort of project, across every inch of the globe. To enjoy a career in the skilled trades, you must have a sense of adventure,  as well as an appreciation for all the different kinds of jobs you will be called upon to perform. The best electricians wake up excited about the unpredictable nature of their work.

Customer Service

Electricians are an extension of the company they work for (even if it is their own company). They have independence, which is crucial to making electricians so good at what they do. However, most of the time, an electrician is working on a customer job-site. Whether that work is installing lighting in a school or running wiring for a chain of restaurants, the staff at the job site will often see the electrician from the time they arrive to the time they leave for the day.

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FSG Signs Team at an MLB Facility

For this reason, it is extremely important that an electrician is respectful of his/her surroundings, interacts with staff in a professional manner, and conducts the work with excellence in mind. The reputation of the electrician and the company go hand-in-hand. Anyone who sees, speaks with, emails, or works with a customer is a part of the customer experience.

Time Management

Not only are electricians independent people, but the job is often an independent one, in and of itself. You will be given a task, then expected to manage yourself to its completion.

In order to be successful, you must be on time every time. And it’s necessary that you manage your time extremely well, constantly. This is a hard-to-learn skill, but also a very valuable one. 

We asked FSG Indianapolis Branch Manager, Hunter Kasten, to give us a few qualities he looks for in an electrician. Here’s what he had to say:

“Honest and integrity are extremely important qualities that a good electrician should possess. Time management and efficiency as it relates to accuracy are also qualities that good electricians possess.”

Hunter Kasten, FSG Indianapolis


Guts, determination, tenacity: all of these are necessary for an electrician. As we said earlier, this is a career that requires energy and independence. Part of that means you’ve got to have the sheer doggedness to see a tough project through to the end.

There are many pressures that can impact a job — from the laws of physics, to other people, to the weather — and you must be able to navigate through all of them without giving up. 

Team Player

Working methodically and carefully is how electricians stay safe. Most of the time electricians are working with other electricians or contractors on their own team, or on other teams.

It is extremely important that electricians work well with others. There is too much at stake for an electrician that does not work well with others to achieve the ultimate goal of a successful project.

FSG Los Angeles team

We asked FSG Florida’s Victor Williams, what he looks for in an electrician. Here’s what he had to say:

“In addition to the experience, we look for candidates that are clean-cut and presentable. They show up on time every time. Are flexible with their work schedule depending on the customer’s needs. Work well with their peers and direct report. Willing to go above and beyond the normal call of duty. Willing to learn. Respectful of others.”

Victor Williams, FSG Florida

Safety-first mindset

The vast majority of the world does not understand electricity the way you do (or will). And the more you gain experience in the craft, you will become more confident in each project.

No matter how proficient you are as an electrician, working safely around electrical hazards is a critical requirement. Having a safety-first mindset is a key quality considering the dangers to you and others if procedures and precautions are not followed closely.

Rappelling gear ready - FSG
FSG Electrician securing safety gear

We asked the Dan Belcher, Director of Workforce Development for NCCER, his thoughts on what qualities are good qualities for an electrician to have. Here was his response:

“Electricians need to have the following qualities: strong mathematical knowledge, physical dexterity, safety first minded, and usage of hand and power tools.”

Dan Belcher, Director of Workforce Development, NCCER

Would you like to learn more?

FSG is always looking for you, the next great electrician to join our ranks. Since 1982, we’ve had a fundamental commitment to the importance of guiding, serving, and supporting our customers; and an unswerving determination to be at the leading edge of our industry. 

If this sounds exciting to you, fill out a Career Interest form today. Tell us more about your story, your goals, and let’s get started!

In this video some of FSG’s electricians tell their stories…

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