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FSG Storefront: Where Facility Managers and Business Owners Get Lasting Value and Personal Service

It has been a year since FSG “opened the doors” at FSG Storefront, our online store. For a growing list of customers, the experience of shopping online with FSG feels like the way things should have been all along.  Our online store customers will be the first to tell you that the experience sure beats the big box blues.

For facility maintenance personnel, shopping for lighting components at the local big box retail store is an admission that something has gone terribly wrong.  Somebody forgot to place an order, something happened to the delivery, or some other incident led you to the moment when you knew you were on your way to the land of high prices and low expectations.

These trips are emergency excursions, last-resort workarounds, and walking in the door you already know the consumer-grade products available there are, at best, only similar to what you really need for your commercial lighting application.  On a day like this, close enough is good enough.  (It’s OK, we’ve all been there.)

But ask any regular customer at FSG Storefront about their shopping experience, and you will begin to hear the sound of a completely different tune.  We’re talking about toe-tappin’, good time party music.

Stop Looking for Solutions With an “A to Z” Approach

While many business owners have said “never again” to the big box approach, they are still far from happy with the alternatives they have found online.  Global “A to Z” online retailers and so-called “specialty product” websites talk a good game, but they fail to deliver lasting value.

Sure, top-line price is a major consideration, and only a foolhardy business owner would neglect to consider product cost.  But there are other important factors built into the overall value calculation that “click-N-ship” online retailers are simply not set up to deliver.

When was the last time you had an excellent customer service experience regarding the return of a damaged product?  Do you have a winning relationship with your personal algorithm?

As a business owner with other things to do, is it a good use of your time to spend hours parsing through customer product reviews, looking for assurance before you click the fateful button?  When your lighting product fails or underperforms, will it matter that “BigDaddyJoe in Ohio” thought it was a good idea?


Most likely, if you source lighting products from online retailers that can also sell you comic books and seat belt roller-uppers, you already know something is missing.  Every time you click that “Buy Now” button, you do so without the one thing you really need: confidence.  

When the Light Finally Comes On

If you’re like most people, life has come at you with learning curves.  Sometimes the hard lessons show up back-to-back for a while, and you have to experience what you don’t want before you can say for sure what you really do want.

Maybe you have given up on the idea that you can find the right commercial lighting products at a great price, that you can purchase them with complete confidence, and that you can count on them to be there every time you need them. 

FSG Storefront Screenshot

Hard experience has led you to this realization: You need to buy your lighting products from lighting designers and electricians who understand the products and the ways you need to use them.

Additionally, you need a partner to help you manage the ongoing lighting needs at your facility, someone who can guide you on matters including product selection, procurement, distribution, rebates, warranties, and more. 

We are so glad you are here.  Come on in.  Have a seat.  Let’s talk about the smart way to buy commercial lighting products for your business.

FSG Storefront is the Answer

When it comes to buying lighting products, big-box retailers and mega-mart e-commerce sites are not the answer for local contractors and small business owners.  If lighting products are on your shopping list, you need a provider that can focus on your specific needs.

The first thing you’ll notice about FSG Storefront is that providing for your facility’s lighting needs is all we do.  Our company was built to support your business in this specific way.

FSG is one of the nation’s largest specialty lighting distributors, ranking in the top two percent nationally in wholesale lighting distribution. Founded in 1982, FSG has a long history of serving customers large and small all across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

The products we sell at FSG Storefront are the same products we use on our lighting upgrade projects.
Source: FSG Media

We are also a company that provides top-shelf electrical contracting services.  Each year, we rank among the nation’s Top 20 Electrical Contractors, with a coast-to-coast service area and an impressive list of completed lighting projects.  

We take pride in our outstanding customer service and competitive pricing. Lighting can be difficult, and with more than one thousand bulbs and fixtures available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and lumen outputs, we know the most important thing we can provide is trust.

When you shop for your lighting products at FSG Storefront, you won’t have to worry about all the things you don’t know about lighting.  And you will not have to trust an anonymous online reviewer (who may or may not be related to the manufacturer).

Specialized Lighting for Specific Customers

Whether you manage a warehouse facility, a retail store, a restaurant, or an indoor vertical farm, the routine procurement of the specialty lighting products you rely upon can be expertly managed through the FSG Storefront.  Our product list anticipates your needs and fulfills your unique performance requirements.

But beyond product specifications, we offer perhaps the most important element when it comes to making a purchasing decision: confidence.  When you buy your lighting products from the FSG Online Store, you will have the confidence that comes from knowing your lighting products are the same ones used by our lighting and electrical teams on jobs across the country every day.  


We can speak about the quality and reliability of our products because we use them ourselves!

Speaking to a certified lighting expert about your lighting needs will deliver a sense that, finally, you can feel confident about your purchase decision.  Once you contact our online store, you can breathe easy knowing you have found a partner who will support you as you manage the lighting needs at your facility.

Our team of knowledgeable designers and lighting experts have years of real-world experience in their respective disciplines and are intimately familiar with the most reliable products and solutions available today.  Best of all, as a single-source provider, FSG’s solutions offer excellent up-front pricing, outstanding customer service, and products that carry the most attractive manufacturer warranties.

Streamline Your Inventory, Manage Your Costs with FSG

When you reach out to one of the lighting experts at FSG Storefront, your journey toward a confident lighting purchase experience is officially underway.  But the benefit – the lasting value – extends well beyond the point of your next lighting purchase.

New customers will love the interaction at our store, with real, live lighting experts available to answer questions and guide them to the best products for their specific applications.  Established customers, on the other hand, quickly come to view our online store as an extension of their own facility procurement process.

At FSG Storefront, established customers have access to an amazing set of tools to streamline and automate their facility lighting management process. 

The list of features is long and includes functionality such as:

  • Quickbuy Group
  • Product Groups
  • Document Quick Search
  • Customer Part Numbers
  • My Saved Carts
  • Job Management Tool
  • Import Purchase Order
  • Nonstock or Special Order Form
  • Pending Orders
  • Open Orders
  • Order History
  • Order Search
  • Account Inquiry
  • Monthly Statement
  • Manage Ship-to

The lighting experts at FSG Storefront are ready to help you manage every aspect of your facility’s current lighting needs.  And when it comes to upcoming commercial lighting projects, this bold statement is actually the truth: we can help you manage and execute your next commercial lighting project, no matter the size.

When you choose to partner with FSG, you will quickly come to see our online store as your personal facility lighting management system.  

You must understand that we are trying to do much more than just sell lights.  At the FSG Online Store, we are offering you a complete facility lighting management solution.

Visit FSG Storefront Today!

Are you unsure which fixture or lamp you need for your application?  Do you have a question about lumens, foot candles, or tunable LEDs?  Have you been trying to gather all the information you need, but now find yourself stuck?

If this is your situation, we are here to help.  Talk to one of our certified lighting professionals to get answers to your lighting questions. We are here Monday through Friday during central time business hours to talk to you about your particular situation.

If you are trying to contact our online store after business hours, please use our contact form to leave us a quick message and we will reach out to you just as soon as we are back in the office.


At FSG, we have trained lighting professionals who provide solutions every day for architects, engineers contractors, facility managers, and business owners. Our Customer Care Center is staffed with Lighting Certified (LC) team members, and if you are unsure about where to start, our experts can help by asking the right questions that lead to solutions.

Shop FSG Storefront today.  You can send us an email, chat with a lighting professional, or give us a call at (877) 293-6689.  

We are here to help you purchase facility lighting products today, and manage your facility lighting needs well into the future.

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