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FSG Sells, Installs & Maintains Lighting for CEA Operations Large & Small

FSG supports CEA customers with a wide range of indoor horticulture lighting products and controls.  Our products deliver energy and cost savings while supporting maximum crop yields.  Increased revenues and energy savings can combine to pay for your new LED lighting project in just two short years!

Benefits of LED Horticulture Lighting


Improved Harvest

LED lighting increases crop yield and allows CEA operations to maximize harvests throughout every season of the year.



LED fixtures and racks can be customized to fit your indoor space precisely. Also, LED lighting can be tuned to meet your exact lighting specifications.

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Energy Savings

LED lighting uses less energy than traditional lighting sources and requires less maintenance, lowering operating costs.



LED lamps and fixtures run cooler and have a considerably longer lifespan than traditional HID and fluorescent lighting.


We've Collaborated With Contain Inc. To Offer You Financing Options

Whether you need financing for your tiny hoophouse, container farm, vertical farm, or high-tech greenhouse, we are dedicated to making it happen. Leases from $70,000+ with just one simple application. Let's lower the capital and increase the growing, together.


Explore your Leasing options with just one application

Video: What is Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)?

FSG's Director of Horticulture, Christopher Hinshaw explains what Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is, how it is an improvement on traditional farming, and what types of services FSG can provide CEA growers.

Video: Challenges When Building a Grow Facility

There are several challenges that come with building a grow facility.

FSG is on a mission to lead the CEA industry by providing turnkey lighting and electrical solutions along with technologies that identify the specific needs of the grower, making the process easier through streamlined implementation, all while maximizing the growth and yield of the crops.

From project lighting design, product specification, turnkey installation, project management, rebates, financing, service, and ongoing maintenance, FSG Horticulture offers a full solution for the CEA customer’s facility lighting and electrical needs.

Solutions for Urban Farmers

Pick your benefit: jobs, the environment, food supply, urban revitalization, local availability, the list goes on.  Urban agriculture is the future playing out right before our eyes today in cities across the country.

Cities are willing to work with businesses, and entrepreneurs are looking to create the next winning business model with CEA operations located within empty or abandoned real estate assets.

When the time arrives for you to make that leap, call FSG!  We will join you on your journey to create opportunities where people least expect them, delivering health and wealth to communities where we all live together.

Greenhouse Plant row Grow with LED Light Indoor Farm Agriculture Technology

Transform Your Business with a Two Year ROI

LED lighting is, in fact, more expensive than legacy high-intensity discharge (HID)  lighting.  But there is more to the story.

CEA operations that shift to LED lighting report yield increases between 5-10%.  When combined with the dramatic savings in energy consumption, the typical return on investment (ROI) period for an LED conversion is approximately 24 months.  In just two short years, increased revenues and energy savings can combine to pay for your new LED lighting project.

This calculation does not even include the dramatic maintenance and labor cost savings when you stop replacing expensive HID lamps every six months.  With proper operation and controls, horticultural LED lighting can deliver explosive yields and dramatically lower operating costs for 50,000 maintenance-free hours (11.4 years at 12 hours/day).

Supercharge your yield with the right plan for your crop.

FSG excels at defining the specific lighting requirements that are right for your particular crop and environmental conditions.  Using AGi32, the lighting industry’s premier calculation and modeling tool, we can provide you with precise plans for tuning your horticultural lighting to deliver peak yields for your fruits, vegetables, floriculture, hemp, and all other indoor crops.

Leave the guesswork behind. We can discuss PAR, PPF, PPFD, and DLI, and we offer custom spectrum lighting options that will take your business to the next level. 

Wherever you are, we have a solution for you. With offices and partners across the United States, we can offer local and national project rollouts.

Organic hydroponic Brassica chinensis vegetable grow with LED Light Indoor farm,Agriculture Technology

Clean Air Means Clean Cannabis

FSG offers several solutions for growers.
  • Plasma Air's bipolar ionization technology solves the cannabis grower's dilemma. The ions emitted from the units treat the air directly in the grow room – controlling mold, odors, VOCs, and bacteria without harmful byproducts. Plasma Air's affordable technology can be easily added to your existing HVAC systems.
  • Cannabis facilities that use the Plasma Air solution can:
    • Eliminate cannabis-related odors
    • Protect high-value crops from mold, yeast, and bacteria
    • Eliminate the high energy penalty and replacement cost associated with carbon filters
    • Save thousands a year in air handler/coil cleaning
    • Increase crop yield
  • Eliminate Powdery Mildew with The Aeroclean 420 system.  Powdery mildew removal has been a difficult task for commercial cannabis growers and producers for a long time. FSG can provide solutions.

Boost Your Yield With CO2 Monitoring and More.

Monitoring CO2 levels in your facility is critical to the success of your yield. Our IoT solutions can monitor the CO2 in your facility as well as:

  • Soil Moisture & Temperature
  • Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)*
  • Leaf Moisture

Data is logged and monitored in the cloud and accessible, via the internet, with one login on a single dashboard. Alerts can be emailed or texted.

* The PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) Sensor measures photosynthetic light levels in both air and water. PAR sensors continuously report the Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) that help you adjust lighting intensities to maximize growth and yield.

Finger touching digital screen of a CO2 monitor to measure indoor air quality and carbon dioxide concentration. Composite image between a hand photography and a 3D background.

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