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National Lighting Distribution: Providing a Model for Customer Success

Facility Solutions Group (FSG) is one of the nation’s largest single-source commercial lighting and electrical distributors.  As a national distributor that is also a national Energy Service Company (ESCO) contractor, FSG sits at the top of a very short list of lighting and electrical service providers uniquely equipped to handle projects of any size.

With a turnkey offering that includes project financing, design-assist and review, a complete supply chain including logistics and delivery, expert installation, and ongoing service, FSG presents a single point of contact for streamlined, efficient, and predictable customer success.

Distributing Excellence

A critical component of the company’s success is its distribution model, which stays true to the relationship-focused approach at the heart of the company’s long success. 

Today, the FSG distribution model delivers savings and convenience that allow our customers to design, build, maintain, and upgrade their facilities with the latest innovations quickly, directly, and affordably.

At the heart of FSG’s approach to distribution is a belief that customers want help determining what they need, and deciding how to get those products when and where they need them.  By coordinating the supply chain from manufacturer to final installation, FSG distribution delivers time and money value to each customer’s bottom line.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways FSG delivers excellence through its particular approach to commercial lighting and electrical distribution.

Delivering Project Success with Product Management

With so many different product offerings and so many new product innovations coming to market every year, forecasting, planning, and accounting for customers’ schedules is more complex than ever before.

Market variables ranging from changing customer schedules to manufacturers working on a “made to order” basis have made planning, forecasting, coordinating, and communicating essential skills for distribution.

Lighting and electrical distribution involves managing these variables in real-time.  For a typical customer transaction, the following factors come into play:

  • The customer’s schedule (including changes)
  • Manufacturing issues (lead times, changes, component availability)
  • Transportation issues (delays and damage)
  • Site issues (installation questions, lost or damaged material, work scope adds)

An experienced distributor gets ahead of these issues by anticipating problems and changes and proactively communicating them, so that when and if they occur a solution is already at hand to keep the larger project on schedule.

As with any endeavor, experience is the key.  FSG’s long experience with lighting and electrical projects allows our distribution team members to anticipate the problems that can interrupt supply chains, and through planning minimize their impact.  

Even in cases when advanced planning fails to save the day, experience allows FSG to stand ready with workaround solutions that keep our customer’s projects on schedule.  

Winning Through Effective Distribution – Earlier is Better

When lighting and electrical distribution is dialed in with your project goals, the right products arrive on site, on time, to the satisfaction of contractors and all other project stakeholders.

Effective distribution begins with early engagement and coordination of the entire supply chain.  Understanding the customer’s objectives and effectively advocating for them with the manufacturers, freight carriers, and installation contractors is the foundation of delivering projects on time and within budget.

Source: FSG

Engaging the distribution team as soon as possible allows us to leverage our skills, experience, and relationships to solve problems and present options to customers that keep their projects running smoothly.

Across our organization, the administrative, project management, operations, receiving, shipping, and inventory management experts at FSG constitute a team of industry professionals working at the top of their game.  Their level of expertise contributes to overall project success.

Support After the Sale

FSG’S work doesn’t end when the last shipment goes out the door.  Project close-out documents, O&M Manuals, and manufacturer’s warranty statements are all part of the post-sale service we provide. 

FSG’s experienced team of lighting professionals understands the challenges of the supply chain and are well acquainted with the many problems that can throw a project off track.   

Our experience and commitment to fast-resolution customer service provide a world class customer experience. 

Source: FSG

Why We Love What We Do

At the heart of our business is an understanding that excellence in all things begins with excellence in small things.  Across our organization, FSG team members strive to make a difference for our customers, to anticipate and solve problems before they arise, and to wholeheartedly support our customer’s success.

When other determining factors appear more or less equal, we believe our commitment to excellence in the smallest details of our mission sets us apart.

In a world that keeps score on so many levels, we prefer to remember the times when we’ve made a real difference for our customers.  In our national distribution business, we measure that difference in successful projects and lasting relationships.

Visit our website or call (512) 886-1258 today to find out how FSG can help you with your next facility challenge.  If all you have is a question about LED lighting, facility disinfection solutions, or your next electrical construction project, we’re thrilled to be of service.

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