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Why You Should Buy Lighting Products from Electricians and Lighting Designers

Most folks can remember at least one example of a time when they were trying to make a purchasing decision, and the available help was not much help at all.  Big box retail experiences are among the circumstances that spring first to mind.

There you are, standing in front of a variety of similar products, all displayed at eye level in open cases, and up to 20 feet above you on industrial racks, in full cases you cannot reach.  Scanning the available information before you, it’s just not clear whether you should buy this one or that one, or if any of these products are exactly right for you. 

What you need is a guide, but looking around you find there is no guide.  You might ask for help, but the help that eventually comes works in another department and is not, in fact, all that helpful.

Maybe you’re shopping for LED bulbs, and on your own, you do the best you can.  But as it so often happens, you end up spending good money on LED lamps that are not designed to work well with the lighting fixtures back at your home or office. 

Is shopping for lighting products online leaving you in the dark?
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Now your future is filled with flickering lights that do not dim well and that ultimately fail long before you thought they were supposed to.  Worst of all, you have known all along that this situation began with a lack of information, and here you are at the end of your consumer experience, literally in the dark once again.

Next, Online Delivers an E-Headache

Next time around, you decide you’re going to do a little research online and get in front of this lighting situation with some solid information.  After all, you can buy anything online these days, so why not avoid the big box blues altogether?

In theory, this just might work out.  You’ll have to be careful with your clicks, though; especially at e-commerce sites that can sell you LED lamps, Virginia peanuts, sassy socks, patio furniture, and antiquarian books filled with the greatest Latin American poetry from the 1960s.

Do you really want to buy a critical high bay or wall pack fixture from the same place you buy roller skates or golf clubs?
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Also, before you tap that “Buy Now” button, you’re going to need to familiarize yourself with the current Underwriters Laboratories (UL) guidance on updates to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standard 61347.  You don’t want to rush that, so you might want to block out a little time and maybe pop some corn.

Possibly, your particular circumstance might require you to take the time to fully understand frequency ratings, nominal input voltage, operating temperature, or primary and secondary voltage values.  Do you actually have the time and temperament required to dig that deeply into the world of lighting? 

Note: If you actually do, contact us.  We’re hiring!

Most likely, there will be a part of you that has that same old big-box feeling of being perched on the thin edge of a buying decision, facing a wide variety of options but lacking the one thing you really need: confidence.  You can be forgiven for thinking this is just another verse in that same old sad lighting song.

When the Light Finally Comes On

If you’re like most people, there is a learning curve and the hard lessons come back-to-back for a while.  You might even start to give up on the idea that you can find the right lighting products at a great price every time you need them. 

After all, what has your experience taught you?  Ask for help at a warehouse retailer and you risk having an employee lacking proper lighting knowledge give you advice on PAR ratings and lumen output.

Buying lighting products from the same company that sells you lip gloss and curb feelers is equally uninspiring.  Most e-commerce takes your purchase decision and turns it into nothing more than a sincere wish, based on a hunch, backed by somebody’s opinion from somewhere.

Hard experience has led you to this realization: You need to buy your lighting products from lighting designers and electricians who understand the products and the ways you need to use them.

The FSG Online Store is the Answer

When it comes to buying lighting products, big-box retailers and mega-mart e-commerce sites are not the answer for local contractors and small business owners.  If lighting products are on your shopping list, you need a provider that can focus on your specific needs.

The first thing you’ll notice about the FSG Online Store is that providing for your facility’s lighting needs is all we do.  Our company was built to support your business in this specific way.

FSG is one of the nation’s largest specialty lighting distributors, ranking in the top two percent nationally in wholesale lighting distribution. Founded in 1982, FSG has a long history of serving customers large and small all across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

WATCH: FSG Lighting Distribution and Customer Care

We are also a company that provides top-shelf electrical contracting services.  Each year, we rank among the nation’s Top 20 Electrical Contractors, with a coast-to-coast service area and an impressive list of completed lighting projects.  

We take pride in our outstanding customer service and competitive pricing. Lighting can be difficult, and with more than one thousand bulbs available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and lumen outputs, we know the most important thing we can provide is trust.

When you shop for your lighting products at FSG’s Online Store, you won’t have to worry about all the things you don’t know about lighting.  And you won’t have to take a teenager’s word for it or trust an anonymous online reviewer who may or may not be related to the owner.

Buy Your Lighting Products from Electricians Who Install Those Products

When you buy your lighting products from the FSG Online Store, you will have the confidence that comes from knowing your lighting products are the same ones used by our electrical teams on jobs across the country every day.  We can speak about the quality and reliability of our products because we use them ourselves!

Speaking to an FSG certified lighting expert about your lighting needs will deliver a sense that, finally, you can lay this burden down.  Once you contact our online store, you can breathe easily knowing your particular lighting challenge is in good hands.

Our team of knowledgeable designers and lighting experts have years of real-world experience in their respective disciplines and are intimately familiar with the most reliable products and solutions available today.  Best of all, as a single-source provider, FSG’s solutions offer excellent up-front pricing, outstanding customer service, and products that carry the most attractive manufacturer warranties.

When you reach out to one of the lighting experts at the FSG Online Store, your journey toward a confident lighting purchase experience is officially underway.  Isn’t it time to see for yourself what a truly excellent lighting purchase experience feels like?

Visit the FSG Online Store today.  You can also contact us here to speak to a lighting professional or give us a call at (877) 293-6689.  We are here to show you a better way to buy the lighting products you need for your home or business.

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