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Let Utility Rebates and Incentives Give Your Business a Lift

Every Business Deserves a Break

It’s no secret that running a successful business in today’s economy involves juggling a number of different issues.  Business owners have to balance workforce challenges, new government regulations, greater financial stresses, and ever-evolving customer expectations; often while managing razor-thin profit margins on their goods and services.

It is also well known that the United States is using more electricity than ever before. Aging infrastructure, non-stop development, and a push for greater energy efficiency mean that businesses are having to accept the reality of a new, more thoughtful relationship with electric power.  

When it comes to keeping the doors open for small and medium-sized businesses today, an important strategy involves taking full advantage of every available opportunity to save money on energy costs.  But how do you get started with an energy management program that works for your business?

Finding Ways to Use Less Electricity

The first step toward successful energy management involves education about energy efficiency programs and how to take full advantage of them.   At FSG, we’re ready to help you get started, and we absolutely love answering questions business owners and facility managers have about these programs.

The second step is sometimes harder for facility owners or facility managers.  This step involves marshaling the support of executives and staff who will support proper energy efficiency practices and drive savings and rebates not just this year, but every year.

With all the available information and the buy-in of your team, you will have all you need to begin the journey to using less electricity and seeing more of your company’s profits make it to the bottom line.  The journey will be easier than you think, and you’ll be pleased to know that across the country utility companies have been charged with helping you meet your energy efficiency goals

Utility rebates and incentives are designed to help businesses fund projects that help reduce utility bills
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Electrical utility providers in the United States will tell you that small and medium-sized businesses use the majority of generated electricity each year. It is for that reason that utility rebates and incentive programs have been created to support these businesses as they work toward energy efficiency goals.

Utility Rebates and Incentives

Rebates offer major benefits for your business. Implementing measures that reduce the energy used in a given space will save you money and incentivize your company to be more proactive with energy efficiency. Utility companies reward businesses that install energy-saving equipment (such as LED lighting and automated lighting controls) by offering rebates, essentially paying you to save energy.

And these utility programs are not hard to find.  Since 1995, the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center at North Carolina State University has maintained a website where folks can quickly and easily see the rebate and incentive programs available in their state.  Other resources are also available to help you locate rebate and incentive programs in your area.

These rebates and incentives exist to lower the initial projected cost of energy-saving measures and to guarantee that the payback period for your overall investment is shorter and more attractive. As an important side note – actually, the most important consideration for many – one benefit of rebates and incentives involves the positive impact on our natural environment when businesses use less energy.  

Utility rebates and incentives allow businesses to install energy saving measures that reduce operating costs and electric bills
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Utility rebates and incentives have been around for a long time.  In the last 15 years, they have become more and more important to businesses working hard to control costs.  Isn’t it time your business took advantage of these programs?

While rebates of the past were very specific, meant to promote single purchases and stimulate short-term economic growth, rebates today are designed to be used to promote long-term economic and environmental sustainability. By providing extended rebate opportunities, utility providers are achieving sustainable load relief on over-worked power grids, while business owners are enjoying much-needed OPEX savings.


However, even after years of common usage across the country, rebate and incentive programs don’t just fall from trees.  There is some specific work to be done before your business can take advantage of rebates and incentives.  For many business owners, a little help from a specialist in this area is welcome.

This is where industry professionals like Jack Almeida with FSG’s Utility Services Program Department stand out from the pack. Almeida and his team of rebate management specialists have made it their business to understand the rebates and incentives that can dramatically improve your business.

From managing qualifications to identifying available products and services, FSG’s Utility Services team knows how to navigate the rebate landscape. FSG’s team leverages experience from both small businesses and utility providers to provide a thorough understanding of how customers can realize maximum savings and long-term sustainability.

When asked what the end goal was for FSG’s Utility Program team, Almeida replied, “We want to be the ‘go-to’ company in the utility programs market, delivering savings and demand reduction to utilities, administrators, and especially, end-users.”

Take Advantage of Energy Rebates and Incentives Today!

Navigating the world of energy rebates and incentives can be daunting if this is the first time you have seriously considered it. Maybe today’s challenging economic climate has forced you to consider new ways to realize OPEX savings, but you are not sure where to begin.

Thankfully, FSG has resources and specific ideas about how you can start saving on your company’s energy costs today. Once you call, your business can benefit from rebates, tax exemptions, or energy credits through Energy Star-certified projects and incentives.

FSG is a key player in multiple utility programs from coast to coast, and the number keeps growing! When asked about the growth within the utility programs market, Almeida says:

“Our top performer reputation, combined with our full understanding of the national Small Business Direct Install program market and our existing Utility and Utility Energy Efficiency Administrator relationships, position FSG to continue delivering success and lasting value for our customers.”


As FSG’s Utility Services team continues to grow and add new programs across the country, we are able to bring greater value to the utilities that trust FSG to run the programs and the end-users that rely on FSG to help them capture the savings for their businesses.

The rebate landscape can be tricky to navigate, but it isn’t impossible. From start to finish, FSG is committed to being the partner small business owners can count on to help them find their way to lower OPEX expenses.

At FSG we’re committed to being the best in our business, so you can be the best in yours. Visit our website to learn more about our energy efficiency programs today! Or call us at (877) 293-6689.

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