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Outback Masonry
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Electrical Contractor

Crosswinds Kyle, Texas

Case Study
FSG worked alongside Outback Masonry and the property's landscape architect to produce a colorful, eye-catching sign to welcome residents and visitors.


The client, Outback Masonry, reached out to FSG to engineer and construct a sign that would integrate well with their stonework and follow the property's landscape architect's design. Outback was seeking a special, floating sign, known as a cantilever design, that would fit well within the horizontal bridge portion of the masonry work that was already laid out from the conception of the sign's construction.


The Crosswinds' sign needed to be carefully incorporated into the landscape architect's vision. The collaboration between FSG, the landscape architect, and Outback Masonry was crucial. FSG Signs provided color samples to the landscape architect to match the overall design intent. When the overall design was agreed upon by both parties, FSG went to work to fabricate a 25-foot cabinet that wraps around the masonry column and displays Crosswinds channel letters extending away from the masonry column in the precise text and color palette. With the help of the landscape architect, FSG completed the project on time and within budget. The result is a striking, artistic landmark at the entrance of the community.

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