Cooperative Purchasing

Through our cooperative purchasing agreements, we can provide access to products from many major manufacturers and provide our turnkey services, at competitive pricing for Co-Op members.

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Our cooperative purchasing agreements cover a variety of industries. Find your industry below to see which cooperatives are available to use.

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Products and Services at Competitively Procured Pricing

Cooperative purchasing is an agreement that allows member organizations to procure products and services, usually at special member pricing. Co-Ops utilize group buying power to obtain competitively bid pricing for a vendor's products and services. This preferred pricing allows individual members to benefit from special group rates.

We Make Retrofitting & Lighting Your Facility Easy

You can procure the products and services below through FSG's cooperative purchasing agreements.


Energy Audits

FSG is able to audit your facility, perform a complete energy analysis, design and specify your upgrade, and turn over a complete contract deliverable with Co-Op member pricing.

Bare ceiling with air duct, CCTV, air conditioner pipe and fire sprinkler system on white ceiling wall. Air flow and ventilation system. Ceiling lamp light with opened light. Interior architecture.

Lighting Materials

FSG is one of the largest lighting distributors in the United States. Our contracts include many top lighting and lighting controls manufacturers, including the brands you know and trust.

5 Questions Electrical Contractor

Product Installation


Controls Commissioning

FSG can provide training and commissioning at your facility as part of this contract. This includes advanced lighting controls and dimming systems. Prices are at cost-per-day rates.

Case Studies

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School Disinfection Products

The Cello Omni 4-in-1 Disinfection Cart is available through Cooperative purchasing
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