Project Type
Electrical Construction

JB3 Water Booster Station Ennis, TX

Case Study
FSG helped build and bring power to this water booster station to move 350M gallons of water to 80 Texas cities.


The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area is growing immensely with a population expected to double by 2060. The cities that makeup DFW needed a long-term solution to ensure everyone has water in the future. Their plans included teaming up with Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) and Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) to create a joint water supply project named the Integrated Pipeline Project (IPL). One part of the IPL's is a long-term plan to build a water booster station in Ennis, Texas to move water from just outside of Dallas-Fort Worth and pump it throughout Fort Worth and Dallas counties. They needed a trusted electrical contractor to complete the ground-up construction to power this massive water booster station and FSG was awarded that trust.


FSG has a dedicated Water/Wastewater team with over 30 years of experience on industrial water projects. Their expertise makes the planning and execution run smoothly. The team worked tirelessly for two years to pull and install approximately 300,000 feet of electrical conduit to power this station from the ground up. This water booster station boasts the largest gate valve in the world, weighing over 100 tons and standing at 40 feet tall. The project was a massive undertaking to outfit an enormous facility that houses a water booster capable of moving 350 million gallons of water per day.

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