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Lighting Retrofit, Facility Disinfection, Miscellaneous Electrical Services

Noblesville Indiana Schools Noblesville, Indiana

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FSG Delivers Winning Relationship for Noblesville Indiana Schools


Noblesville Schools is a nationally-recognized school district serving over 10,000 students across ten different school sites in Noblesville, Indiana. The district is known for its innovative approach to education, utilizing modern techniques to maximize results for its students. Noblesville Schools is also always looking for ways to operate more efficiently and to maximize their dollars.

In 2019, Noblesville was looking to put some of that forward-thinking to work and take advantage of all the savings associated with LED lighting. With a desire to improve the district’s facilities, Noblesville contracted with Bob McKinney, owner of Stratelign, who aligns with K-12 and municipal clients to ensure they achieve energy and operational excellence.

When Noblesville Schools and Stratelign began vetting possible contractors for a district-wide lighting retrofit, they used a project scope containing best-in-class product specifications along with a requirement that the contractor has tight control over the supply chain. Many of the contractors they spoke with conceded that their service delivery was contingent on 3rd party supply and distribution partners, and that project timelines would thereby be subject to change without notice. Unwilling to concede on their product specifications and the need for a guaranteed delivery schedule, Noblesville had limited options. And then they talked to FSG.


As Noblesville Schools was trying to decide on an electrical contracting partner for its first lighting retrofit project, they were delighted to learn that FSG was able to represent and warrant every step in the process on the service side. FSG’s access to best-in-class lights, buying power, associated pricing, and ability to deliver on its promises with a broad and established distribution network and a crack team of well-trained, professional technicians in the field meant that FSG was able to provide a truly turnkey service offering.

Once the job began, Noblesville Schools’ Assistant Superintendent marveled at the way working with FSG involved clear, simple communication with a single point of contact in FSG’s Indianapolis office. Hunter Kasten was able to answer every question because all aspects of the Noblesville Schools project were right at his fingertips. For facility administrators used to endless email chains and voicemail loops, it was remarkable to be able to pick up the phone and within minutes hang up again with answers.


As time passed, the lighting retrofit project FSG completed for Noblesville Schools came to be known as simply the first project the two organizations completed together. By establishing itself as a trusted, reliable resource for Noblesville Schools, FSG found that the phone kept ringing. And when the school district had challenges with their facilities, FSG kept delivering solutions.

In early 2020, with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, Noblesville Schools and Stratelign reached out to FSG with questions about facility disinfection options. Today, each school in the Noblesville Schools network has between two and four 300-watt portable UV carts, with the middle schools and high school all having an additional 1,000-watt cart. FSG was there for initial rollout with safety guidelines and best practices for school maintenance personnel, with the goal of keeping students and teachers safe.

Early 2021 finds the district upgrading stadium lighting, switching to LED to save on maintenance and repair costs along with dramatically reducing energy consumption. And moving forward, conversations are underway on options to upgrade facility disinfection capabilities through the use of Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization units within each school’s HVAC system.

Each of these projects has been built on a solid foundation of trust. With promises kept and streamlined personal service delivered, FSG Indianapolis has developed a winning relationship with a local school district that views the local FSG office as their personal, one-stop-shop for answers to their ongoing facility questions.

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