Contract Amount
Project Type
Energy Efficiency Project
Project Owner
Tim Parker
Cost Savings
Fixtures Replaced
Annaul KwH Reduced
General Contractor
Facility Solutions Group

Parker Industrial Grinding Atlanta Inc. Kennesaw, Georgia

Case Study
The customer wanted to take advantage of the program to upgrade the existing lighting to improve the lighting quality in their warehouse.


Tim Parker was approached by FSG about the opportunity upgrade his existing lighting through the Georgia Power Small Commercial Direct Install Program at a savings of up to 70%. Tim's primary concern was to greatly improve the lighting quality in his warehouse to provide a more functional and safer environment.


FSG was able to provide an immediate on site survey of the existing lighting and identify replacement lighting measures that greatly increased the lighting output while decreasing the wattage in the warehouse and office spaces. The warehouse lighting, which makes up over 50% of the total project, will yield a total KWH savings of over 6,460. The total cost of the project was $3,388.71 The Utility Incentive (up to 70%) was $2,180.28 The Customer Share was $1,208.43 As a result of the energy savings that FSG was able to provide because of the Georgia Power Small Commercial Direct Install Program, Parker Industrial was able to reduce their energy usage and save on their electric bills. The customer will see a return on their investment in less than 1 year.

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