Contract Amount
Project Type
Electrical Construction
General Contractor
JE Dunn
Electrical Contractor
STG Design

Skyloft Austin, Texas

Case Study
As the electrical contractor for the Skyloft, FSG provided all electrical work for the shell and core as well as tenant finish-out stages of the project.


The Skyloft is a luxurious 22-story, Class A, student housing high-rise tucked into the community around the University of Texas at Austin (UT) campus. Luxurious amenities can be found throughout the 422,000 sqft. Skyloft building. The bustling west campus area sees a ton of foot traffic on its small streets and is predominantly one-way streets as well as a direct pipeline for students flowing to and from school. Parking is very limited and several construction sites are in full swing next door and surrounding the Skyloft. The pedestrian traffic, lack of parking, and tight side-streets created great challenges for the 200+ construction employees working every weekday for two years on the project.


Special accommodations were necessary to safely and efficiently navigate the challenges Skyloft's location posed. Extra safety precautions were taken to warn and re-route cell phone-engrossed students to the sidewalks opposite the live construction site. Space was an ongoing challenge. Once the concrete slab was poured, the site had about a 10 to 20-foot wide perimeter of free space surrounding the site for moving people, materials, and large equipment throughout the site. For this reason, material staging and day-to-day material storage also required stringent planning.

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