Contract Amount
Project Type
Project Owner
Saint Jude Thaddeus Catholic School
Fixtures Replaced
52 UVC fixtures

Saint Jude Thaddeus School Havre, Montana

Case Study
Comprehensive Approach Offers Complete Protection


In January of 2020 Flu cases were spiking in Montana, with over 1,200 confirmed cases on January 4th. St. Jude Thaddeus School made the tough decision to close for several days. They closed again for COVID-19 in March. When developing reopening plans for the new school year, Principal Mike Haugen emphasized the school's belief that "we learn better together". The school implemented a comprehensive set of solutions to ensure the safety of both students and staff.


The approach was a comprehensive solution with permanently mounted fixtures as well as portable carts. Twenty-four 2X4 fluorescent-style recessed UVC fixtures were permanently installed in the drop ceilings of each classroom. Deactivating 99.9% of viruses takes about 10 minutes.

These were installed with safety protocols to only operate when the rooms are vacant. Fifteen Broad Spectrum Pulsed Xenon UVC fixtures were installed in bathrooms and were designed to operate whenever the bathrooms are vacant, disinfecting in about 30 minutes.

Eight UVC fluorescent strip fixtures were also deployed. Eight 300W portable UVC carts are used to disinfect areas that did not receive permanent fixtures. These units can even be used on buses. Finally, portable HEPA filters were installed in each classroom.


A letter to parents detailed the facility improvements that were installed. These systems will provide continual viral load reduction at the school, protecting not just against COVID-19, but also against future influenza as well. Reverend Dan Watheh stated, "Just as Christ calls us to stop everything to protect one lost lamb from harm, we will do whatever it takes to take care of each other, and we will be stronger for it".

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