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City limits welcome sign for Universal City, Texas

Universal City Digital Signage Universal City, Texas

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Universal City in Texas Receives a Stunning New Community Sign with Digital Display


FSG Signs was chosen by Universal City, a suburb of San Antonio, to provide their new community gateway sign.

The new sign would bring a welcoming element to the community, and the goal for the EMC was to share positive messaging and news about community events.

The important sign had been in the process of being designed for 5 years prior to partnering with FSG Signs. The FSG Signs team worked with the Universal City community manager to finalize a truly unique and striking design.


A critical component to attaining the contract were FSG Signs and Daktronics being members of BuyBoard as pre-approved vendors.

Universal City is known as the “Gateway to Randolph Air Force Base.” The FSG artist designed the sign with subtle arcs to represent the strong military aviation presence in the community, with cove lighting added to provide a beautiful glow.

Materials used were concrete for the base, with a combination of masonry and aluminum for the pylon – upon which a custom process was used to achieve a faux rust patina to the finish. Completing the unique structure is a large, custom double-sided Daktronics digital display for creating customizable messages to the community.

This striking gateway sign is a true work of art that is a welcoming landmark for the Community of Universal City.

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