Contract Amount
$2 million
Project Type
Project Owner
Westfield Properties
Fixtures Replaced
Electrical Contractor
Facility Solutions Group

Westfield Properties Annapolis, Maryland

Case Study
FSG performed full service LED lighting upgrades to the back of house areas for Westfield Properties


Westfield properties was looking to update the lighting in two of their Maryland malls to LED lighting for all the usual reasons; reduced energy costs, improved light levels and lower maintenance costs. But Westfield wanted to take the step to "smart lighting" as well. Exterior roadway, parking lot, and site lighting were target areas, along with parking garages, back of house, and stairwells. Existing HID light sources ranged from 250 Watt to 1,000 Watt Metal Halide as well as some T8 florescent in interior spaces. It was imperative that roadway and parking lot lighting be completed with minimal disruption to customer traffic.


FSG installed a variety of new LED fixtures, including cobra head/roadway, area, wall pack, and garage canopy, as well as engineering and installation labor. Core nodes were installed in individual fixtures creating a mesh network for intelligent lighting control. FSG installed and commissioned the lighting network as well as the new lighting, including sensors gateways, repeaters, and other network equipment.


In addition to the energy savings from converting to LED, the lighting management application offers advanced adaptive control features, allowing Westfield to use lights only when needed. The system adjusts LED lighting levels based on time and situation and dims lights based on motion detection, so Westfield is using what they need, when they need it. And it can all be operated and monitored remotely using a web interface. Existing lamp life of 10,000 to 20,000 hours was increased to 100,000 hours, greatly reducing maintenance costs going forward.

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