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Great Service is the Cure for Everything

An interesting study was just published by a Ph.D. candidate at Ohio State University, and for many folks, the findings only confirm what our grandmothers told us all those years ago.  According to the research, little acts of kindness deliver more than just positive mental health benefits. They raise the overall level of human connectedness that supports friendships, families, and communities of all sizes.

So what can that study tell us about providing good service at work?  Can good service, delivered with an added pinch of kindness and goodwill, positively impact both a business and its customers?  You better believe it can!

Tough Times in the Happy Business

During times like these when the headlines reflect global pandemics, tragic wars abroad, bitter political battles at home, and economic news with more questions than answers, it can feel like there is not much to be happy about.  If you feel that way, you are probably not alone.

Sadly, all you have to do is pull up to a drive-through window or spend an hour on the phone with a customer service representative to realize you are not the only one living in troubled times. You can be forgiven for wondering, “Does anyone care about service anymore?”

While there are exceptions, it really does feel like the heart of good service has the blues these days.  In fact, recent American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) findings tell us that during a shortage economy, the customer is often the last thing companies care about.

Customer satisfaction is at an all-time low.
Source: iStock

Ask any business owner and they will tell you the challenges they face just keep coming.  At times, it can feel like their day at the beach has turned into a rogue wave marathon.  They spend all their time swallowing salt water and fixing their swimsuit, while giving their crew a “thumbs up” and declaring everything is fine.  (“Yeah, no, I’m good!  I’m good!”)

And the waves keep coming.

Supply chain interruptions we all thought were temporary have evolved into permanent supply chain realities.  Without fresh approaches to warehousing and distribution, some companies will continue to struggle.

For companies whose services are delivered by skilled tradespeople, the lack of qualified candidates to fill these jobs was a difficult challenge just a few years ago.  Today, it is a serious existential threat.

So sure, there may be some good reasons why service has slipped in businesses these last few years.  But unless you’re selling excuses, things have to change.

Better Days Through Excellent Service

At FSG, we know about the challenges businesses face in times like these.  For more than 40 years we have been your neighbors, living through the ups and downs right alongside you.

One thing that has never changed, however, is our bedrock conviction that every one of our tomorrows depends on delivering lasting value through excellent service today.  (Call it “corny” if you want, but we’ve been supporting families and communities since 1982 with that mindset.)

In other words, we firmly believe that the way we do what we do is the difference we make in the world and the driver of all our success.  

FSG takes a customer-centric approach to provide excellent service.
Source: FSG Media

So when we read studies that point to kindness and connectedness in healing relationships and communities, we say, “Yep.”

And when we hear that businesses are struggling and customers are dissatisfied, we remember the core values we learned from our grandparents, things like the power of a smile, the meaning of your word, and the Golden Rule.

Those lessons contain all you need to know to deliver excellent service to your customers, to weather tough times, succeed in business, and make a difference in the world.

In the end, we believe that great service is the cure for all that ails us. During good times and bad, stepping out boldly with a servant’s heart is only going to make things better.

Call FSG for the Service You Really Want

In business, bad service wipes out the promise of a great product. Knowing that, why not shake off the bad news blues and get busy delivering service experiences that change lives for the better?

That is exactly what we work hard to do every day at FSG.

You can watch one of many examples of the type of service FSG delivers in the video below. When an electrical emergency occurred just before 5 pm on a Friday in lower Manhattan, FSG’s New York City team mobilized immediately and worked around the clock to help a customer in a dire time of need.

See what excellent customer service looks like.
Source: FSG Media

The next time you need to talk to someone about the lighting in your facility, or about the dark spots in your parking lot at night, call FSG for a service experience that exceeds your highest expectations.

If you need a bid on a lighting package for a new facility construction or retrofit project, call FSG and find out what our national lighting distribution business can swiftly and professionally do for you.

When your employees tell you that the warehouse lighting in your facility makes their jobs more difficult, call FSG to learn how motion sensors and quick-on LED high bay lighting can deliver happiness for your crew along with big OPEX savings for your business.

For all your commercial lighting needs, along with signage, electrical construction, EV charging, and smart building technology solutions, call FSG at (877) 293-6689 and get the kind of service that makes you feel like your business is as important to us as it is to you.

Visit our website and contact us today!

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